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My Hybrid Work Morning Routine

I’ve gotten used to the hybrid work environment, as I’m sure many of us have over the past months/years. One thing I noticed was how my morning and night routines were affected by whether I was going in to the office or not. When I’m at home, there’s much less prep time (lunch, clothes, makeup, work bag) the night before and morning of. But despite all the differences, my morning routine looks eerily similar either way. Keeping that structure of some of the same steps in either routine keeps me feeling settled and stable despite my changing work environment.

Work From Home Morning Routine

7:00-7:15 Alarm, Wake Up, Journal

Each night I set up my Casper Glow Light to gently create a sunrise effect and wake me up with a warm glow of light. It helps me get out of bed on those dark mornings. I’ve been using an alarm app called Sleep Cycle for years that tracks your sleep to try and wake you up at the optimal time (when you’re at the lightest sleep stage) within a range that you set. Normally, my alarm goes off between 7:00 and 7:15. For day to day, I use the 5 minute journal to start out with some gratitude and goal setting each day.

7:15 Brush teeth and skincare

I recently did a post on my skincare routine, you can check that out here!

7:30 Walk or At-home workout

When it’s nice outside, I like to take a long walk before work around my neighborhood. I love getting some sun on my skin early in the morning to get me in a more productive mood. Strangely enough, it actually feels so refreshing to take a walk in the cool morning are and get a little cold to start my day. If it’s raining or too cold, I’ve been using the FORM app for a 20-30 minute workout. Although you can find tons of great free workouts on YouTube, I really love this app and paying for it does provide some motivation to get use out of it.

8:00 Morning smoothie

For the past 2 years I’ve been following Kelly LeVeque’s Fab Four Smoothie formula: protein, fat, fiber, greens. This formula can be adapted to create so many amazing smoothies that keep me full for about 4 hours and start me off with protein, fruit, fiber, and greens. Some of my favorites are a blueberry matcha or chocolate almond butter. I whip it up in about 4 minutes using my favorite Magic Bullet blender, which is the perfect size for me and I can drink it right out of the cup I blend in!

8:15-8:30 Start work

Although waking up an hour and a half before I start work may seem like a lot, I think this routine is the best way to start my day and sets me up for productivity and self care every single day.

In-Office Morning Routine

6:45-7:00 Alarm, Wake up, and Journal

I usually get up a few minutes earlier due to my commute time but still make time for my journal when I can.

7:00 Brush teeth, Skincare, Get dressed

I usually set out everything I’ll wear the next day at night so I don’t have to try a million things on and make a mess in the morning. It also keeps this part of the morning a little mindless so I don’t have to think too hard yet.

7:20 Makeup and Morning smoothie

When I have to go in, I always make my smoothie the night before and pop it in the refrigerator, tastes just as good! I sip as I do my makeup, which takes me about 15 minutes. I’ll usually do a full natural face but no eyeshadow on a day to day basis.

7:40 Leave for my commute

8:00 Walk remaining 15 minutes to office

While I could take a connecting train straight to my office, I like to skip it and walk the 15 minutes to the office so I can still get outside and get some steps in before work. I really enjoy this part of my day when it isn’t too loud outside and the air still has that perfect chill to it.

8:15 Start Work

There’s definitely differences, particularly in the order of my morning routine, but the core themes are in both. I journal, drink my nutrient-packed smoothie, and get a little active. Making time for all of these really helps me stay on top of my health and wellness in a way that isn’t hard for me. All of these steps have become such habit for me that normally I put my sneakers on in the morning before realizing it’s raining or way too cold for a walk.