Stay Matte

Skin, nails, and lips can be matte, you just have to know how to keep it under control so you don’t look dry or dehydrated.

Matte Skin
Unknown Matte skin is usually easy to achieve but, if you do it wrong, it could end up a disaster. First, start with an oil-free moisturizer, my favorite is the Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer. Next, use a oil-absorbing primer, either all over your face or just on your T-zone. Never use too much foundation, tap over your entire face with your fingertips or a beauty blender to blend it well. If your foundation feels too cakey, wet a makeup sponge so it’s damp and dab it all over your face.  My number one foundation which rarely looks close to cakey is the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation!  For the powder, lightly sweep it all over your skin, focusing on oilier areas like the nose and forehead.  My favorite powder is the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder!

To keep your skin matte all day, I recommend using oil blotting sheets like the Clean & Clear ones which don’t disturb your makeup at all!

imagesMatte Lips
Next, matte lips. This one you can just use a lip stain and be done with it, or you can use your favorite lipstick color in a matte finish. If you have a shade you love but it’s a glossy finish, simply tap some white powder over! First, rub a warm towel over your lips to get rid of any flakes. Apply a light balm, let it soak in for a minute then wipe off what is extra. Use a lip brush to apply your lipstick to have more control over the precision of the color. Powder your lipstick slightly with a white powder to give it the matte finish. You can also use a liquid lipstick that dries down, like the colourpop ones.

images-1Matte Nails
Last is… matte nails! First, buff your nails, I like using a 4 sided nail file. Next, apply your polish in very thin coats. If you don’t have a matte topcoat, heat a pot of water, then hold your freshly painted nails over the steam to take out any shine. Make sure to only do this for about 3 seconds for best results.


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