Do your Makeup in 10 Minutes or Less!

The trick to doing your makeup fast is, first, getting into a routine and second, not wasting time on unnecessary steps.

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Before you start…

  • Wash your face, put on toner and a treatment or serum.

  • Swipe on a thick layer of lip balm to let it soak in.

  • Put on a little eye cream and moisturize your whole face even if you have oily skin (look for oil-controlling)

Start the Clock!

  1. Under eye concealer

    1. Apply it in a triangle, blend, and set it with powder.  Make sure it is one shade lighter than your foundation so it makes your eyes bright.
  2. Foundation

    1. Apply it to your entire face.  If you need coverage on your cheeks, start there and work your way in.  If you don’t, start with your nose and work your way out.
    2. Cover blemishes with first foundation then a dot of concealer the exact shade of your foundation and blend it.  Set it with powder with a small, fluffy brush (like an eye shadow blender) because a big brush might take the concealer off.
  3. Powder

    1. Use either loose or pressed powder with a big fluffy brush and tap it onto your skin.
    2. If you aren’t covering blemishes and you feel that your foundation was applied a bit heavily, take a kabuki brush and buff it a bit with circular motions across your skin.
  4. Blush

    1. Smile, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks then blend it out so it looks like you are blushing.
  5. Lip Color

    1. Wipe off the lip balm (gently) so your lips are left soft and smooth.
    2. Apply a lip color then blot with an oil blotting sheet to give it staying power and a matte finish.  If you don’t want matte, blot with an oil blotting sheet then apply a second coat and leave it unblotted.
    3. You can also put a gloss over your color if you wish but it isn’t necessary.
  6. Brows

    1. Fill them in with very light stokes of a brow pencil or powder.
    2. Comb them out so they look how you want them then set with a brow gel.
  7. Eye Shadow/Eyeliner

    1. Apply a primer to help the shadow stay in place.
    2. Use a light shadow from the lash line all the way up to your brow bone.
    3. Use a medium shadow from our lash line to the crease.  Blend well at the crease.
    4. Apply eyeliner if you want.
  8. Mascara

    1.  Curl your lashes.

    2. Lift your eyelid so your waterline is just a bit separated from your eye and wiggle your mascara wand back and forth to give them a more full look.
    3. If you have light lashes, make sure to mascara both the top and bottom of your lashes so the top isn’t light and the bottom is dark.

Done!  Remember that you will be able to do your makeup better and faster as you get into a routine and see what you need.

How do you beat the clock?  Let me know if you have any quick tips!