essence Reviews!


Here is the link to the website so you can look at all the new stuff essence has to offer every season!

Everything I got was from the spring/summer collection and absolutely adorable.  I love this brand because it has trendy colors, high quality products and crazy low prices.

Starting with the eyeshadows, I got 3 metal glam eyeshadows in 01 jewel up the ocean, 02 coffee to glow, and 03 frosted apple.  They are all metallic and are sheer enough for daily use.  The second I did it, I was so mad at myself for touching it before I got pictures of it, so excuse the dark streak in the blue one.  When you get below the glitter spray on, there’s these gorgeous metal-like shades underneath!

So, the first one is a light blue metallic!  These are so pretty and I actually just figured out that the top layer is a spray on and not the actually product!


Next is Coffee to Glow, a brownish gray, also with a metallic finish.  I’ve started to use this daily and I’m in love, it’s so beautiful!


Frosted Apple is a rusty metallic shadow.  I love this one and Coffee to Glow layered, they look so pretty together.


The last eyeshadow is different, it’s a 3D shadow that is a tan with a white, it’s called Irresistible Vanilla Latte.  It’s basically solid glitter.  You can apply it with a dry shadow brush for a sheerer, shimmer finish or spray your brush with a little bit of water to intensify the colors a bit.  I love this one because you can use the lighter one from your lash line to your brow bone then the tan one from your lash line to your crease to give your eyes a little bit of depth without looking overly made up.


The eyeliner I got was the long lasting eye pencil in 18 Berry Merry.  It is a burnt-ish purple (I am sorry that is the only way I can describe it because it isn’t royal purple or bright it’s like almost grayish?)  It’s very long lasting and so easy to apply.  I am planning on using this on my lower lash line because I love colored liner on my lower lash line.


The mascara is Lash mania reloaded mascara in black. It gives my lashes so much volume and zero clumps.  It is so much cheaper than all other mascaras and works just the same, maybe better!  I do really like the brush because you know I am all about the brush.


The I lipstick got was in 64 Flirty Pink.  It is really sheer and moisturizing and shimmery.  This color is the type of color that would go well with a color on your eyes because it is quite natural and sheer. It is mega shimmer so I like to blot it with either a tissue or a blotting sheet (as usual) to make it less shiny.


The last thing I got was the all-in-one bronzing highlighter.  Although it may be a bit dark for me, I will use a very light hand so I will make it work.  I love that there is the peachy stripe in it to give it a bit more color on your cheeks.  The highlight corner is an awesome group that I use so often!



**Disclaimer: Everything I got was given to me for free from essence but all opinions are mine.**