Gold Eyes and Berry Lips

Hello lovelies,

This fall, gold eyeshadow is gorgeous to make any eye color pop.  If you have blue or green eyes, you may want to go with more of a rose gold shadow to make them look brighter but if you have brown eyes, pure gold will add depth to your eyes beautifully.

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Dark berry lips are the perfect pairing to gold eyes.  There are so many variations and ways to wear a dark lipstick, contrary to what you make think.  You can swipe on a thick layer of lip balm and then apply the lipstick more thin to make it look more like a wash on your lips.

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You can also layer it on thick but with a color this dark you need to line your lips but you don’t need to buy a lipliner, just use a thin lip brush and fill in your lips lightly with the lipstick. Follow with a layer straight from the tube to intensify the color and blot with either a tissue or oil blotting sheet. Then go over it again and, for a matte finish, blot with an oil blotting sheet to remove the shiny oils.

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Zoella wears both gold eyeshadow and berry lips for a more bold look.


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Emma’s simple eye makeup balances out the dark lip but she’s still flirty with flushed cheeks.

Happy fall to you all!

What is your favorite berry lipstick?  How do you wear it?
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