Lip Lineup

Hello lovelies, I collected all of my favorite lip products for this time of the year.  It’s odd, I haven’t liked lip gloss since I was 8 and not yet introduced to the world of lip color.  Now, basically all of my favorites are glosses.  It must have to do with the time of the year.


I start with a lip scrub most days.  These are the two I’m using lately.  The one on the left is the e.l.f. lip exfoliator in a lipstick tube which makes it really easy to use.  The other one is ancient, as in I got it when I was 8 or so, so 7 years.  It’s a Co Bigelow Mentha Lip Buffer.  It’s like a super grainy gloss that you apply like gloss and everything but wipe it off.  Both of these are just easy as getting a cotton ball wet to remove.


Next, I use a lip balm.  These ones are my most hydrating.  Far left is Co Bigelow night balm I got from a Birchbox order.  It’s an overnight balm that is amazing.  At night my lips may be a wreck but 8 hours later they are just like new.  The next one is ellovi vanilla lip butter, this one is all natural and I can tell a difference.  The Neutrogena one is also really old but super hydrating as well.  It has SPF so I really like using this one especially in the summer.  The last on is a Lather conditioning balm which is beyond hydrating.  So it’s good for when my lips are just awfully dry.


Next is a lip color is I feel like it. These are my favorites this week.   Left is the NYX matte in natural.  If you go any bit outside of your lip line, it looks like Kylie Jenner.  It has a big of a purple undertone and hides any sort of dryness (per fect).  The middle on is a clinique one I got for free in a free gift a while ago in the shade Think Bronze.  It’s very natural as well but with the slightest hint of shimmer.  It looks pretty orange, I guess I never noticed it.  The last one is an e.l.f. one I got in my October e.l.f. beauty bundle.  It is just a true red lip color that is in a skinny crayon so it’s easy to get a perfect peak!


Next is a gloss if I am in the mood for a sheerer color.  From the left these are the mally beauty lip treats in Gum Drop, Cherry Bomb, Candied Berry, Peach Fizz, and Passion Fruit.  They are all pigmented but also very sheer.  For example, the darkest on is basically a bright pinky when you put it on.  I’ve heard these look great over lipsticks but haven’t given it a try yet.  The last one is a benefit one called Coralista.  I got this one in the Benefit Glamboree kit.

It’s almost Christmas!  What is your Lip Lineup?  Let me know in the comments!