Valentine's Day: Perfect Red Lip

Hello lovelies!  Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought I’d do a little series.  This is the first post with the steps to getting a perfect red lip that lasts all night!

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Your Arsenal:

Lip Scrub
Lip Balm
Red Lip Liner
Red Lipstick
Translucent/ White Powder

How to:

First, use a lip scrub to get off all the dead skin that is on your lips.  Then apply a thick layer of lip balm and wait about 5 minutes (do the rest of your makeup, pick out your outfit) then blot the excess off with a tissue.  Next, outline your lips (do not over draw, it will look extremely unnatural with a bright lip color) and fill then in with a similar lip liner to your lipstick.  I prefer a matte lip liner, it helps the lipstick stay on better.  Next, apply your red lipstick and blot.  Apply another layer and set with powder.

I want to know, what’s your favorite red lipstick?  Leave a comment!