Subscription Boxes

My Birchbox: January 2015


Cost: $10.00 per month, $110 per year, free shipping

The rewards: Every review of a product you receive in your box, you earn 10 points. If you refer a friend and they use the link you send them, you get 50 points per person. In no time you will rack up 100 points which translates to $10.00 to use in the Birchbox shop. Only when you get 100 points do you get $10.00, if you have 60 points, you currently have $0.00 in rewards.  You can earn as much as you can save!

So here’s the deal: “Each month, you’ll receive a selection of samples that we’ve tried (and retried) ourselves. We source our samples from both well-known brands and emerging gems. The women’s subscription includes everything from skincare to makeup, as well as fun non-beauty extras. The men’s subscription delivers top-tier grooming products in addition to lifestyle accessories ranging from hip socks to tech accessories.”

Birchbox now lets us pick one of the samples we get in our box, or you can choose a pre-made box.  This month, I chose the pre-made box called Relax and Recharge.

What’s Inside:

Balance me Wonder Eye Cream
Sample Size: 0.2 oz  Value: $17.73


I love this eye cream because it smells nice, so many face products have no scent but I think that scented products feel so much more luxurious than unscented.  I love how it soaks in so easily and prevents dark circles and wrinkles, a win-win.This tube is very large but it is only about half (maybe less) full which is disappointing.

Briogeo Don’t Despair! Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask
Sample Size: 1 oz  Value: $4.95


This is a massive sample, it is easily 2 or 3 masks for me, but some people use more or less.  It smells fantastic and has a really good texture to it.  This mask is so healing and really refreshes my hair when it gets a bit dry during the cold Winter months.

Manna Kader Lip Locked – All of Me
Sample Size: 0.01 oz  Value: $0.20


This stain is just a lot.  It has a very very weird texture.  It’s supposed to be a priming stain but it doesn’t dry and it comes off right away.  The color is very nice (almost Kylie Jenner ish) and works well with my skin tone but the formula is not my favorite.

Perlier Intensive Nurturing Body Balm – Shae Lavender
Sample Size: 1 oz  Value: $4.25


I love this lotion.  I am using it as I type and I can 100% honestly say that it soaked in in less than 5 seconds and my keyboard is not oily or greasy at all.  It smells like real lavender and hydrates so well.  The sample size is pretty large and is great to throw in my purse!

When Travelmate Sheet Mask
1 mask Value: $7.00


This sheet mask is great for people that ware busy because you lay it down on your skin and when you’re done, you don’t have to wash your face you can just take it off!  I love sheet masks because they are so hydrating and so relaxing!

Teapigs Teas in Pepermint Licorice and Chamomile Flower
2 tea bags Value: $1.33


I loved these teas!  They steep so well! They don’t get so bitter if you leave them steep for too long as some do which I love because I lose track of time and my tea always gets so bitter.  Love these teas!

The Total: $31.21

  • Balance Me Eye Cream – $17.73
  • Briogeo Hair Mask – $4.95
  • Manna Kader Lip Stain – $0.20
  • Perlier Hand Cream – $4.25
  • When Sheet Mask – $7.00
  • Teapigs Tea – $1.33

I am so glad I got this month’s pre-made box.  I loved (nearly) every item!  Besides the lip stain, everything is perfect for me and I use so many of them daily!  I really love the eye cream which smells great and soaks in so well!  I also love the hand cream which absorbed super fast and smells fantastic!  I am excited for the next box! If you want to sign up, click here! *referral link*

What did you get in your box? Leave a comment!