Subscription Boxes

My Julep Maven Box: Welcome


Cost: $24.99 monthly

The Rewards: You can get rewards points called Jules (ha. get it?) to use towards either your box or full sized products in the store!

So Here’s the Deal:  Julep Maven is a subscription box of nail polish, makeup, and bath products.  Their products are cruelty and toxin-free and they donate money towards charities that support women!  These boxes come with around 3 full sized beauty products each month, but you can pick and choose which you want to trade, swap, or add!


What’s Inside:

Bombshell Nail Polish – Soleil
Value: $14.00



This gorgeous rose gold color, a “lustrous rose gold chrome”, has a metallic finish and is beautiful on all skin tones and perfect for all year round.  These polishes are incredibly long wearing and apply super smooth.  They cover so well you don’t need more than 1 or 2 coats which is always good in saving time, by the way, these dry incredibly fast!




Boho Glam – Casey
Value: $14.00



This beautiful teal-y blue (called “Galapagos teal creme” on Julep’s website) has a classic shine finish and, like all Julep polishes, stays for days.  Again, this color looks great on everybody and really goes on well. These polishes are some of the only ones that I’ve tried that actually make my nails stronger, rather than weakening them by using their special Oxygen Technology!



Bombshell – Sandi
Value: $14.00


This color, a “smokey eggplant creme” is perfect for the end of winter, reintroducing my nails to some color!  This is such a luxurious color, it would look great with silver jewels and a classic black dress.  I love this color, it is a purple but not too bright but not too close to black either, just the perfect amount of color!  These polishes use Oxygen Technology to dry super fast and last long. These nail polishes, 5-free and vegan use green coffee extract to strengthen your nails as you wear it!




Gel Eye Glider – Rich brown
Value: $10.00



This eyeliner, proven to last more than 10 hours, dries nearly instantly to a waterproof line of color.  These babies s t a y believe me, I had to wash my wrist 3 times and finally resort to makeup remover about 8 hours later to get it off!  It is most definitely waterproof and long lasting.  As you can see, the color payoff is incredible and it is so smooth. I am in love, it’s a new staple in my makeup bag.  And for only $10.00?  Sign me up!



That was all for this box, but come on, I got 3 gorgeous nail polishes and an AMAZING eyeliner!  And for only shipping, it was fantastic deal.  There are always deals and sales right on the front page of their website here. Get ready for the breakdown!

Total: $52.00

  • Nail Polish in Soleil – $14.00
  • Nail Polish in Casey – $14.00
  • Nail Polish in Sandi – $14.00
  • Eyeliner in Rich Brown – $10.00

Did I mention, this is the single best nail polish bottle design I have ever used in my entire life. Seriously, 1) Skinny bottle so the brush can reach down to the bottom near the end of the bottle 2) The square cover comes off so you can handle the brush better with a very small, round handle 3) there is a place to swatch the color on the top of the square cap thing. (You can see it in the pictures if you’re lost right now) I don’t think I can emphasize enough how important that is.  When it is standing up in a crowded drawer, you can’t see the clear part of the bottle to see what color it is, but now you have a swatch right on top! So helpful! 4) They are square on the bottom so they fit in the drawer really nice, unlike round ones which fit awkwardly in a rectangular drawer.

That’s all for this time!  Do you get the Maven box?  How do you like it!