Subscription Boxes

e.l.f. Beauty Bundle: April 2015


Cost: $19.99 bimonthly, $59.97 for 3 boxes, $119.94 for 6 boxes plus Shipping

So here’s the deal: “The Beauty Bundle is e.l.f.’s new makeup subscription plan that sends an assortment of our top-rated products straight to your mailbox every eight weeks. With three different subscription plans to choose from, you can get your beauty fix at your own pace, on your own budget. It’s the perfect pick-me-up of your favorite e.l.f. goodies, at the perfect value! No need to worry about picking matching colors or deciding on the perfect palette–We’ll do the hard work for you! Our expert makeup artists will curate an amazing selection of our best products, all in our favorite neutral colors designed to look beautiful on every skin tone, and ship it your way!”

This month, there was no theme, but there were a lot of amazing products inside that I’ve been looking at for a while!  Let’s get started!

My Box:

Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths
Value: $3.00


These are great for nights when you’re in bed, asleep and you realize you still have your makeup on.  Reach over and grab these from under your bed and quick wipe it off, no need for water or getting up.  These are also great to quickly clean your makeup brushes between uses.  I use these on my concealer and foundation brushes because I like to clean them more often then my other brushes.

Nourishing Cuticle Pen
Value: $1.00


I love using this while sitting in bed paging through a magazine because there’s no mess or greasy fingers.  It’s a pen full of cuticle oil that keeps them nice and soft!

Lip Gloss Wandss
Value: $3.00


These are great to throw in your bag with a bold lipstick to keep reapplications clean and mess free.  These are also nice to smudge an eyeliner when you want it a little bit blended.

Angled Blush Brush and Flawless Concealer Brush
Value: $3.00, and $3.00


These are super soft and apply makeup flawlessly.  The bristles are densely packed so the blush brush is great for contouring, highlighting, and blush while the concealer brush keeps the concealer where you want it.  These brushes are new from the studio collection which are a bit more expensive but never shed and are incredibly soft.  It’s definitely worth it for the extra $2 to get the higher quality.


Pressed Mineral Blush in Sweet Retreat
Value: $5.00


This blush is a matte, very pigmented blush in a beautiful peachy pink (swatch below).  It provides a gorgeous, very natural flush to my face and works amazingly well with my skin tone.  It isn’t powdery at all which tends to happen with some powder blushes.

Baked Eyeshadow in Enchanted
Value: $3.00


This peachy gold shimmer shadow is gorgeous as an all over lid color when I’m just looking to brighten up my eye area.  I love the baked ones because they tend to have more impact (swatch below).

Lip Balm Tint in Peach
Value: $2.00


This is surprisingly moisturizing and pigmented once you put a few layers on (swatch below).  I think it would look great over a lipstick as well. It really is a beautiful orange which is a great way to ease into orange lips for spring.  I’m generally not a fan of lip balm in a tub because the bacteria but the color is so pretty on this one!

Hydrating Under Eye Primer
Value: $3.00


This is a light pink ender eye primer that helps your under eye concealer go on really nice without weighing the skin down and building up a thick layer of face primer in the delicate area (swatch below).  I love that it is a pump bottle not a squeeze tube, it’s a lot easier to get product out with a pump for me.  Since I need a dot every day, this small tube will last me probably 6 months.

Hydrating Face Primer
Value: $6.00


This clear primer (despite the blue bottle color) fills in fine lines to make them less noticeable as well as prevent your makeup from building up on dry patches, as well as moisturizing those places (swatch below).  This huge bottle will last forever and be great for the dry air that is drying out my skin to the extreme, this makes my skin look healthy again with all the dryness it has experiences within the last 6 months.  Again, I love the pump bottle which makes it easier to get the right amount of product out.


Here are all the swatches.  Left to right: Hydrating Face Primer, Hydrating Under Eye Primer, Lip Balm Tint, Baked Eyeshadow, Pressed Mineral Blush.

Dump Bag
Value: $8.00

I also got a silver/ grey makeup bag which I gave away before I thought to get a photo.  It was squared at the bottom so it was nice to put things in and have them stand up at the bottom.

Total: $39.00

Overall, this was a great box and I use nearly everything every day.  Again and again this box impresses me.  You should definitely think of subscribing to this box if you like e.l.f., it’s totally worth it!  I especially love the primers and the blush, which I use daily and i always get compliments on how healthy my skin looks with the hydrating primer!  The blush is a great color and I get so many compliments daily.