Hello May!


Hello lovelies!  Today is May 1!  This year is going by so so fast and I can’t believe we are nearly half way through 2015!  I’m back with some more updates on my goals for the month/year/life so let’s get into it!

  1. Drink more water!  I was drinking a massive amount of water but I think since my headaches have subsided I’ve become more lenient on getting enough water.  My skin, hair, and nails will all thank me as I drink two water bottles a day from today on!
  2. Say yes to more opportunities!  Only a few have come my way but I have tickets to go two concerts this summer and a trip to Canada (was New York but plans have changed) that I am looking forward to.  I have also decided that I am going to explore where I live now instead of waiting to move somewhere else (in like, 4 years).  I’m going to go paddle boarding again (my favorite water activity), tandem biking with friends and to more of the museums around me.  I want to appreciate where I am right now while still keeping my long term goal of moving away. (also corresponds with number 5)
  3. Travel, a lot.  It’s complicated.
  4. Be healthier.  I have just received my new running shoes in the mail and I am excited to actually have shoes that fit for when I run (in case you’re snoopy like me, I got Nike Flex Runs).  I’ve also been continuing my blogilates which are super nice because they’re quick.  Check out my favorite video here.  I’ve also been trying to eat healthier like getting lots of fruits and veggies every day and eating less sugar (although I still do have the random urge for a piece of candy and do eat that piece of candy, but I’m trying).
  5. Spend more money on experiences, not material things.  I have been doing pretty well with this, I’m trying to buy less things to have the money to spend on experiences which is a start.  Like I said I have some concert tickets and a plane ticket for Canada.  I want to do all the activities I can find in my town and try to do them all this year because I feel like I’ve been living here my whole life and I haven’t even experienced it!
  6. Do something I love every day.  This one is easy since I have an art class at school which I love. And writing this blog or reading others is something I do on a daily basis which helps keep my mind in a creative place.  Having the Bloglovin’ app on my phone has helped me keep up with blogs when I’m in the car or waiting in line, it can instantly brighten my mood when I read a post I really love.
  7. Do more kind things.  I have a friend that needs a little pick me up once in a while so I stole her phone away from her for a few minutes and I set a few reminders on her phone and set them to go off at certain times every single day to remind her to smile and to take care of herself so she knows someone cares.  I saw her the next say after she saw a few and she was nearly crying she was so happy.  It is one of my favorite feelings in the world, happy tears.  I want to do things that cause happy tears more often.

You know what they say, “pick yourself up and try again.”  If you failed on a few of your goals (we all have don’t feel bad), try to start over with the new month!  It’s always a good time to decide to spend more time taking care of yourself or take 15 minutes a day to get a relaxation app and relax for a bit every day.

So May, please be good.

Do you have any current goals you’re working on?  Let me know, I’d love to chat!