PERSONAL| 8 Things Blogilates Taught Me

Hello lovelies!  If you follow me on twitter or have read some of the posts where I mentioned Blogilates, you’ll know how much I love doing them and how much I respect and appreciate Cassey, the creator.  She’s an amazing instructor even if it’s only through a YouTube video.  She is so encouraging and has taught me so much.


  1. Keep going when it’s hard because that’s when you improve.  Because you can’t stop when it gets a little tough in life, you have to keep pushing through. Everyone can do one sit-up but will you improve if you only do one?  No, you need to keep going even though you feel like you can’t possibly do one more than do 5 more to get stronger.
  2. You are strong even if you have to take a break.  Sometimes you have to pause the video but that’s o.k. you just need to keep on trying to get better.
  3. Sometimes you have to take the long way to reach your dreams.  It took her so many years but she finally has her own (athletic) clothing line like she dreamed when she was younger.  Even though her parents thought she was being stupid for wanting to do something like that, she kept trying and it has finally become a reality.
  4. Practice makes improvement, not perfection. There is no such thing as perfection because everyone has a different idea of perfection.  But improvement can bring us pretty close. To improve, you have to keep going.
  5. The only goal is improvement.  Although you may want to focus on something specific to make it better, improving is always what you’re doing.  Always working to be better, not perfect, see number 4.
  6. There’s always room for improvement.  There’s always a way to get stronger or to feel better about yourself.
  7. …but, whatever you look like right now is beautiful. and you should only be working out for yourself, not for anyone else.  Your workout is your time to feel beautiful.
  8. If it isn’t fun, it isn’t worth it.  Why tourture yourself over anything?  Find a way to make everything fun with music, a friend, or even something like dancing as your workout instead of running.

If you haven’t tried some of her videos, you should!  If you don’t want to do the exercises she has some that are more lifestyle like healthy breakfast ideas and how to eat healthier!  You should also give her blog a read if you haven’t, there’s workout calendars each month so you always have a workout to do!

I just got some new running shoes which I’m super excited about, along with the Nike Running app which tells you your pace and how long and far you run!  I feel like I’m finally committing to making time for running or whatever I want to do that day.

What’s your favorite way to exercise?  Yoga?  Blogilates?  Running? Let me know!