My Jewelry Collection

Hello lovelies!  The wonderful people at Invaluable asked if I’d like to do a fun collaboration about my jewelry and what makes it special to me.  I love wearing jewelry to give my outfit some color and I really love very delicate jewelry, as you’ll see!

If you’ve never heard of, it is an auction website that sells beautiful jewelry (and let me tell you, there are some real stunners!) and a bunch of other really lovely things like art and furniture!  Place a few bids and see if you pick up some new gorgeous pieces!  After seeing all the beautiful gems on the website, I wanted to take a look at my own collection and see what pieces I could rediscover.


The first three I pulled out were some necklaces.  The first is a silver ring with little gems.  It’s a shorter chain and I love how dainty it is!  The next two are owls which I love so much.  They are both so fun to add to an outfit, I really love how cute they are!


This next necklace is from H&M and it’s just a curved gold bar on a short gold chain.  I wear this so so often, it looks great with higher neck tops and dresses and also under the collar of a button down!  It is easy for this to go dressy or casual which is my favorite part of it!


These earrings are so gorgeous on for a dressy night.  I love that they are gold which is my favorite metal.  The stones aren’t too big for me but they are big enough to dress up an outfit.


These teeny hoops are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES.  I love the tiny pearls and how delicate they are!  I wear these all the time because they aren’t too much and just give enough of an accent to an outfit!


This is one of my favorite rings, I have blue eyes so this really brings them out!  I love this color and how tiny this ring is, they usually aren’t in a 5.  Blue is a color I wear so often that this will always fit seamlessly in to an outfit!

Those are my favorite pieces of jewelry, I probably have some more packed away like my great-grandmother’s rosary and my grandmother’s best friend’s locket her grandmother gave her that I don’t really wear but these are my most worn and favorites!

And a special thank you for the wonderful people at Invaluable for giving me the inspiration to share my gems!  You can visit them on twitter, too!

What are your favorite pieces of jewelry?  Let me know!


Just so there’s no doubt, I wasn’t paid in any way for this, it was just a fun collaboration to share my favorite jewelry!