Empties 2.0

Hello lovelies!  I have finished another group of products big enough for an empties!  I’m really trying to use up products that I’d like to replace and some of those ended up in here!  Some I’m sad to see go but some I couldn’t finish fast enough!


Starting with the CoverGirl shine free powder, this stuff didn’t keep shine away at all.  30 minutes after I put it on it was already oily which was super disappointing.  I did buy this about 1 year ago so it might have gone bad but I’m still not a fan.

Bath and Body Works sheer glow shower gel, I got this for my birthday about 18 months ago and I have just finished it.  I kind of liked the scent but it got old after a year.

My favorite mascara has seen it’s last day.  I got this at the beginning of summer… last year.  I felt that it was not doing my eyes any favors by being a year old and I should use some of my other mascaras (see them all here).  This brush was great for grabbing every single lash and literally never dried out.  This formula worked really well not flaking or making my lashes crispy which I love.  I might repurchase but there’s too many mascaras and not enough time!

Revlon ColorStay Brow Duo, I really loved the colored wax half of this but never used the highlighter because I found it didn’t really blend.  This was the perfect shade for me, not too dark, not too light and kept my brows in place without a crispy gel.

THIS RIMMEL CLEAN FINISH FOUNDATION has lasted me 3 years!! I wanted to smash the bottle by the end.  You’d think when you use a foundation every day for 2 years it would maybe run out but this was NEVER ENDING.  It was still half full when I threw it out because it was too old to put on my skin, as much as it pained me to throw away a full bottle.

Finally, Lush Snow Fairy shower gel.  You might know that this is the Christmas scent.  It smells like cotton candy so if you like really sweet scents, then this is for you.  There’s still a lot of the pink pigment left because this is maybe 2+ years old.

I was really proud of myself for getting through 2 shower gels which it seems I never can, and I’m almost done with another.  Also, I was happy I finally threw out that mascara and that foundation, ew.

What are your recent empties?  Leave a comment!