3 Apps for Smart Girls

Hello lovelies!  I was looking through my phone the past few days and I’ve been thinking about these 3 free apps that I use all the time.  2 are relaxation apps and another is a time management of sorts.

  1. Relax Lite with Andrew Johnson.  This app is a 15 minute set relaxation session that aims to calm you down and slow your heart rate but still make sure you’re alert and awake at the end.  I’ve used this for almost 9 months now and it has really helped me when I’m feeling stressed out. And it’s free!
  2. Relax+ with Andrew Johnson. For some reason, maybe the accent, I find this guy’s voice incredibly calming and reassuring.  This one is nearly fully customizable but still basically free.  You can choose which introduction, which music, the length, how loud you want the music vs his voice, and if you end with awaken or sleep.  I use this if I can’t sleep.  I put it under my pillow on volume 1 for 20 minutes ending with sleep and I’m asleep in no time.  This app also shows all the other relaxation “tracks” and apps Andrew Johnson makes which all cost money.  They are very specific relaxations (public speaking, etc) and are $2.99 each.  You can also buy different introductions to make it fit your needs as much as possible.  I’d say it is fully functional for many occasions without purchasing but if you have something specific then there’s a customization for you!  Free (if you don’t get any add ons)
  3. Moment. This one might be a bit scary for you but it tells you exactly how much time you spend on your phone every day.  It also tells you how many times you check the clock or “pick-up” your phone.  It tells you what time you use it and for how long.  There’s a $4.99 add-on to set a limit on how much time you use your phone which can be gotten around for an emergency.  You can set up specific times where your phone just won’t let you use it with the add-on.  Say you can’t get off your phone at lunch, you can set up an hour of screen-free time!  I think I’ll be purchasing the full version of this app because I really need to disconnect more and I think this will help me.  It has already helped me try to spend a little less time on my phone than others but sometimes I’m in the car for a really long time and end up on Pinterest for an hour.  My goal is under an hour and a half per day and now I have an average of about 3 and a half hours per day (in the past few days).  Free, without the upgrade.

These apps have really helped me relax and try to get off my phone more.  These are the three most used apps on my phone and I plan to get the upgrade of Moment and maybe one or two of the relaxation tracks on Relax+.

What are your necessary apps?  Got any I should try?  Let me know!


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