Mini e.l.f. haul

Hello lovelies!  Do any of you remember the 50% off coupon code for e.l.f. last week?  Well I guess I was a day late.  I put about $40 of makeup in my bag and then the coupon code didn’t work.  Eventually I got it down to $7.00 and free shipping.  I got a lip gloss, a lip primer, 4 eyeshadows and a compact along with 2 free gifts!


EX-tra Lip Gloss in Joe, $2


I saw this on Katie’s blog and since I was looking for an orange gloss, I thought this would be great!  It shows every single crack on your lips though, so a lip scrub is needed.  I love the color, the tube it looks very pink-y orange but on it is much more orange.  This is the perfect summer gloss.  On the back it says “An ultra-smooth, rich colored gloss with Extra ingredients to moisturize and condition.  Create gorgeous lips that could have your Ex’s wanting you back!”


When it’s swatches it looks orange and gorgeous, exactly what I was looking for!

Lip Lock Pencil, $3


I saw this and I absolutely had to try it out because I haven’t seen any reviews on it.  The directions say to line the outside of your lips with it but I think I’ll use it to line my lips as well.  This is a clear lipstick (kind of) that prevents “feathering, traveling, or budging”.  The clear strip at the bottom comes off as a sharpener.  Even though it’s a twist up sometimes it gets flat so this will sharpen it back into a point.  I used this today and there was zero bleeding (close to no fading) of my red lipstick all day, even with eating!

Custom Compact, $0.49
Custom Eyeshadow in Pink Ice, Wheat, Peach Fizz, and Moondust (clockwise), $0.39 each


I got this compact because I’ve been wanting a new eyeshadow palette but they are so expensive pre-made so I thought I’d pick my shades for way less (win-win to me).  It’s not the prettiest compact I’ve ever seen but it holds 4 decent sized shades and has an enormous mirror and is a really good size.


Pink Ice is an extremely light pink with heavy shimmer that I thought would be good for when I just want something to lighten my eyelids, or as a highlighter.  Wheat is a brownish taupe/gold with shimmer, great for the crease!  Peach Fizz is a coppery tone that is beautiful and a great shade that I was lacking in my collection.  Moondust is a taupe-y brown which is great to fill in my brows as well as a nice crease shade.  They are all very pigmented but easy to sheer out.  They are incredibly blend able and long lasting.

Super Shiny Lip Gloss in Pink Kiss, 2 free gifts


I got one of these as the special on the website and the other “for a friend” which is why they are the same shade.  They reformulated and my old gloss in this shade is a very different pink.  The new Pink Kiss is quite orange while my old one is very baby pink. I don’t really need two but eventually I will give it to a friend or use some of my glosses up!

I am extremely happy with everything I got and I used my money so well to get everything I wanted for a cheap price.  Use the code LOVE for free shipping on your next order over $20!

What are your e.l.f. favorites? Let me know!