Blogs I Check on A Daily Basis

Hi loves!  Today I thought I’d share which blogs I type in every single day and take a snoop around through old posts and new posts!  There’s quite a few of them lately as I’ve just been getting back in the swing of blogs and blogging!

The Love Cats Inc. – Helen just redesigned her blog and it’s beautiful!  Her blog topics range from beauty to fashion to lifestyle but her outfit posts and beauty posts are my favorites!  I’ve watched her blog grow so much over the last few months/ year and her posts have only been getting better and better!

Zoella – Zoe just relaunched her blog and I am so happy about it!  She stopped posting for about 9 months but she’s back at it with about 4 or 5 posts a week that are very ranging in topic, her baking, beauty, and style posts are my favorites!  I am so so happy she is back to posting, and I have never seen a blog design so pretty in my entire life!  Her photos are gorgeous as well!

Vivianna Does Makeup – A few weeks ago I started watching her videos after I have been reading her blog for months!  Her videos are awesome but blog posts are also amazing.  I love that she talks about both high end and drugstore products and she’s so sweet and friendly.  She definitely calls great products from a mile away and from the beginning!

Lily Pebbles – Lily does a ton of beauty and lifestyle posts and videos.  I prefer her videos over her blog posts but I still pop over to her blog every day to see what’s new!  I love her blog design, something about the home page feels a bit more personal, maybe it’s the “Request a Post” option!

A Beautiful Mess – This is all about lifestyle with cooking, DIY, and home, this blog covers so much and it’s run by two sisters and it’s so fun!  It’s so bright and there’s so many fantastic recipes!  I absolutely love this blog deign (and Elsie and Emma) and it’s definitely one I read when in need of some fun!

Lauren Conrad – Lauren Conrad covers basically every single topic out there!  There’s beauty, clothes, lifestyle, food, home, everything.  There’s always something good to read!  I also love the elegant design!

World Of Wanderlust – I was really looking for a way to see the world from home while I’m still here in school and all so i went on a hunt for the most real and interesting travel blog out there.  WOW is definitely my absolute favorite, Brooke’s so real and she travels as her job, what could be more interesting!  She (and her team) post at least once a day, sometimes more and they’re always beautiful and well written posts!

Comment your favorite blogs below so I can find a few new ones!  Blogs are some of my favorite things because they’re genuine and written by people like us!