Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  This new year I knew I wanted to create a list of a few resolutions to keep me focused this year.  Between how much I enjoy lists and goals, lists of New Year’s resolutions is my cup of tea.  

Happy New Year | Born To Be Bright

Adopt the Capsule Wardrobe.  I love seeing Anna do this and I really love the idea of getting rid of everything I don’t wear.  I usually dress in neutrals but since I’ve been testing capsules out, I’ve been really happy with introducing color back into my wardrobe!

Read 10 books.  That’s less than one a month and I really lost sight of how much I love to read throughout 2015.  Near the end I decided I was going to start reading again and I’ve read so many books and I’ve enjoyed reading every night so much.  It’s such a de-stressor for me and really calms my mind before I go to bed or when I’m not doing anything.

Clear out unused items.  I have tried so hard to get rid of anything I don’t love and use.  I have a list of things that I need to go through and butcher until I am left with a small collection of my absolute favorite things.  On that list is: nail polishes, pens/pencils/etc., papers, loungewear and pyjamas, photos on my phone (currently at 6,447, was at 9,750…progress my friends.)  I also just bought The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo so I am excited to get reading that and cleaning house.

Spend a lot less time on my phone, less than 75 minutes every single day.  75 minutes is still a lot but I use the app called Moment which tracks when, where, and how long you use your phone each day.  You can get an upgrade (for a small cost) that literally cuts you off from your phone once you’ve reached your limit.  I’d like to set that limit at 75 minutes and hopefully get it down to 45 eventually.  I spend way too much time doing nothing on my phone so I need to figure out what needs to happen for me to get off my cell phone.

Have a blog post up every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday.  That isn’t a ton per week but it gives me a goal and somewhere to put my time when I’m done with my daily stuff.  On the off days, I want to spend my time planning ahead to avoid being stressed about not having posts ready or about not responding to emails or comments.

Have any New Year’s resolutions? Happy 2016!