Things Inspiring Me This July

July comes around and I am searching for inspiration to give me something to work for.  In the past few weeks I’ve found a lot of that in things around me.  Inspiration comes in all places, you never know what will strike a chord with you until you find it. So keep an eye open for inspiration this month.

I went in to Wonder Woman with hopes of a movie showing a strong, independent woman that was self-sufficient and didn’t need help to be a hero.  When the movie ended, I realized that it was that and so much more.  She lived in a society free of any men and full of insanely strong and independent woman warriors. A young girl and a young woman play Wonder Woman at points in the movie.  I couldn’t stop thinking about those girls feeling the strength that being Wonder Woman and being so closely involved with the story taught them their whole lives

At Home With Podcast

Two of my favorite bloggers came out with a podcast a few weeks ago and it’s so inspirational.  I love seeing bloggers do things that they love and continue to succeed. At Home With… is podcasts with Lily and Anna and a special guest that are relevant to beauty and lifestyle bloggers.  I highly recommend you give it a listen for something productive to listen to if you’re working on your laptop or are in search of motivation.

Blogosphere Louise Pentland Cover

The June issue of Blogosphere was also very inspiring to me with Louise Pentland on the front.  She recently switched from filtering herself for her audience to being true to herself.  It’s so motivational to see someone who did this with very high stakes succeed so much.  Louise has found a new audience that appreciates her for who she is and the content she wants to create.  There can be a switch from living by putting others above your own happiness to putting yourself first and working to make yourself happy before you focus on anyone else.

I have always been a fairly passive person; I put others first to avoid conflict.  I’m a fixer, I work to solve problems and usually end up compromising heavily.  I love seeing people happy but I’ve been realizing that I have compromised too much.  I’m losing the joy that I used to get from putting others first because I’m realizing that I’m not happy with that arrangement.  I want to put myself first but how will the people around me react?.  Will they stick with me even though this change in my life impacts them too? Louise’s interview gave me the reassurance that in doing this, the reward will be worth this in-between time.  And the podcast is giving me some “kick it into gear, your dreams are attainable if you work for it” vibes.