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New Favorite Scent

Let me start this by saying that I am not a coconut person.  I don’t enjoy the taste and usually not the scent.  Even in small doses, I don’t enjoy coconut and never have. But this perfume from Urban Outfitters is amazing and is the one exception.

It’s so light and airy while having substance to it.  The scent has the light citrusy scent of bergamot which adds such a brightness to this perfume.  It also has great vanilla note that is a little bit warm and makes it a bit more mature.  And finally, there’s clearly a creaminess to this perfume both in looks and in the scent.

Beyond the amazing scent, Urban Outfitters excels at their beautiful packaging.  It’s so minimal and beautiful.  I love the rectangular bottle, it looks so different from any other bottles I have and it looks so beautiful sitting next to any others.  It also looks fantastic on my dresser by itself because it is so minimalistic.  LOVE.

And Urban Outfitters sells so many scents in this range.  Some are more fruity, some more musky, there are lots of options if you’re as into this bottle as I am and just want them all.  There’s also lip balms like this one in super minimal packaging, hand lotions, glitter body oils, the whole works.