Saving Money: Staying Motivated

I wrote my first post about my goal to save lots of money this year which you can read here about a few ways I’m accomplishing this.  It’s not too hard for the first few weeks of trying to save money: your goal is fresh in mind and you’re super conscious of every dollar you spend.  But as weeks go on the goal gets a little fuzzy and it’s easy to lose track of why you’re saving and what brought you to this goal in the first place.  In the past few weeks I’ve found a few ways to stay motivated to save money (and a few more tricks to help you save even more!).


When in doubt, find another blogger with the same interest.  It’s so much easier to commit to something when you surround yourself with others that have the same goal, right?  So I’ve collected a little list of blog posts that have been helpful in motivating me to keep saving money and continue controlling my purchases!

Stephanie’s post has lots of awesome ways to cut spending and I’ll definitely be adopting a few of these!  Rebecca’s post about her reasons for trying to cut shopping habits majorly this year was super inspiring and really helped me keep in mind why I want to stop buying so much stuff this year!  And Linda’s post has 10 create ways to cut spending and I’ve definitely picked up a few already! And finally, there’s a great post on Jodie Melissa about how she got better at saving money and this post is full of great ways to change your habits surrounding your budget.

Write Your Intentions

Think about why you’re trying to quit shopping so much, what you’re saving for, write it all down and keep it handy!  For me, I’m saving for college and for my trip to Melbourne.  Those are both huge motivators for me because they both have deadlines and I’m really excited to be saving for both of them!  If you don’t have a cause, find one!

Shop Your Stash

This doesn’t only mean makeup, have a look at your closet with fresh eyes.  See what you can pair together that you have never worn, give your clothes new life!  Realizing how cool the clothes you have are makes it a lot easier to pass up that top you saw your favorite blogger wear in their recent post.  And of course, for me this mostly references makeup.  I love to pick up a new beauty bit every once in a while but whenever I just sit down and look through all my makeup I am 1) slightly disgusted by how much I have and 2) thrilled to swatch everything again and try it all on despite having it for ages.  Get excited about what you have and you will want much less!

Make it into a Challenge

This could go many different ways.  It would be so fun to see how many free activities you can find in your area to fill your time with low cost experiences!  You could also challenge yourself to save a certain amount in a specific amount of time.  There’s so many ways to make this fun for yourself and lessen the feeling of being restricted.

And a Few More Ways To Save

  1. Keep only a small amount of cash on you and pretend that’s all you have.  When you have $50+ on you at all times, a $5 cookie doesn’t seem like a lot.  But when you have $15 for the day, you’re much less likely to spend it.
  2. Any time you have extra cash on you beyond what you realistically need, put it in a jar or your savings account and forget about it.
  3. Put all loose change in a jar and cash it in after a few months.  I have a jar that I always throw the change from my pockets into and after a few months the total is always much higher than I expect!

Best of luck on your savings goals!

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