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5 Things I’m Grateful For February 2018

Although this is a few days late I knew I needed to write it no matter how late it was or how long it took me.  I’m really working on committing to positivity and I have noticed that the better I keep track of things that make me happy, the more positively I look at things.  There was a lot to be grateful for this month, I feel like I lot has progressed and changed in the past month.  I wrote a big post on my quest for positivity here if you’d like to read up.

  1. I went a full two weeks without a single headache, not even any tension in my head!  This has been an issue for years and since the end of the summer it has gotten so bad.  Once it hit a breaking point in January (4 times per week? No thank you.) I made some changes and noticed a huge difference.  While I have gotten a few headaches, 2 full weeks is such an improvement and it felt so amazing.
  2. Realizing why some things make me so irrationally anxious has helped me address them in a different way, I read something that called it “unclinging the mind” and I think it’s a perfect term.  It really sums up why some things make me so nervous and now that I have recognized it I really have been feeling lighter and more open to new things as I work to un-cling my mind.
  3. A friendship that went through a rocky 8 months had a really amazing period of growth in February.  I 100% believe that this has been a result of being less judgmental, more accepting, more open and I’m really proud of myself for making these changes and seeing such a happy improvement in my life.
  4. I can feel myself starting to open up to people and get more willing to talk to new people, which has always been a barrier that I both built and wished I could tear down.
  5. I got some insanely amazing news about college and so many of my worries that have been making me anxious of months melted away so instantly.  It’s life-changing for me and it’s going to impact me so positively for decades to come.

In general you can see that 3 of these are related, I have started to come out of a negative mindset that was holding me back from so much that I wanted to change and accomplish.  It’s so motivating to look back and reflect on how much I have even changed over the course of 4 weeks.  These are changes for the better that I am so happy about and can’t wait to see through.  What are you grateful for this month?  Leave a comment and share your exciting moments!