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6 Good Things June 2018

We are half way through 2018 and it feels like just last week I was writing up a storm about my New Year’s Resolutions and goals.  I am always trying to be a more positive person because I can easily fall into a very negative way of thinking and complaining and this year I have noticed how much writing down just 5 good things from each month can make me feel happier and more positive.

  1. I love my new job, it’s a place where I can be creative and am learning how to be more comfortable putting myself out there.  I feel lucky that I have a job I enjoy going to as much as I do.
  2. I’m forming new relationships that bring positive energy and growth into my life.  It’s such an important thing to make sure the new relationships I’m forming allow me to grow and will grow with me instead of holding me back.  This summer I’ve started making those new connections that allow me to grow and change.
  3. I got some great news about college, I’m living in a brand new dorm with a roommate I’m so excited about.  Although it was not my first choice of university, I am keeping my mindset positive and open with it so I can make the most out of my experience there.
  4. I’m finally making more time for reading after months of on and off.  Now, I’m reading every day for at least a few minutes and just bought a whole new collection of psychology based books that I’m so excited to read.
  5. My eating habits have become naturally much healthier.  From oatmeal bowls to breakfast platters of avocado toast, eggs, and quinoa, I’m more focused on fresh, whole foods and avoiding prepackaged and processed foods.
  6. I fell off the workout wagon for a week during June and it just felt weird, I was not as productive and fell into a rut.  But I hopped back on the wagon and am now aiming for 5-6 times a week since I just do short workouts.  Exercising in the morning sets me up for such a productive day.  If it’s the first thing I do, my day falls into such a productive momentum of healthy breakfast, reading, cleaning up, and getting anything I’ve been pushing off done.  It gives me so much motivation and confidence to do what I need to do.

Look at that!  After not being able to think of more than 1 good thing for May (I really really tried for over an hour to write this post last month) to 6 good things, this summer is moving in a positive direction.  What good things happened in your life in June?