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2020 Goals and Resolutions

Something about a new decade has me so motivated to really change things this year. I think 2020 needs to be about taking care of myself, nurturing my values and goals, and getting back to a lot of the things that make me happy.

Last year I picked a challenge for every month with some subgoals to make them all attainable focus points for each month. I kept up with most of them pretty well but I definitely lost steam around September. This year, I have a few specific goals, resolutions, and ideas I want to stick to for 2020.

2020 Goals and Resolutions | Born To Be Bright

Intentional Spending

This one is super important as I’m starting to be more conscious about brands and products that I support. I also think a lot about how much more I would have in my savings if I was a little more thoughtful with what I spend my money on.

I own so many beauty products that I could go a year without purchasing anything new and never run out. Hopefully I can control my spending in this area a lot and get more use out of the products I already have and love. It’s also important to keep up with expiration dates and phase out products that aren’t cruelty-free. Bringing us to…

Buy Only Natural Home, Personal Care, and Cleaning Products

I listened to a podcast about how the chemicals in our lives have a huge impact on our bodies. I’ve been suffering from migraines for as long as I can remember and I want to start getting rid of a lot of the chemicals floating around me. We have a cleaning closet in my apartment and I get a headache immediately upon opening it and smelling all the chemicals. We’ve started buying Seventh Generation, Trader Joe’s, Meyer’s, and other natural brands.

I also want to try to buy natural deodorant, shampoo and conditioner bars instead of bottles, and natural toothpaste.

Continue To Use Food As Fuel And Medicine

The first thing I want to do is try to buy organic more often than I do right now. I watched a short film about organic farming and it’s so much better for the environment. It was about coral reefs and the impacts of conventional farming on coral. Another one to watch is The Biggest Little Farm. If you haven’t seen The Biggest Little Farm also, you absolutely must. It gave me a whole new outlook on agriculture and food production.

Be Well By Kelly has a program called the Fab 4 and they are fiber, fat, protein, and greens. The ideal is to fit these into each meal to dampen hunger hormones and keep us feeling full longer. I am going to aim to have 2 Fab 4 meals per day and make sure I’m getting the most out of each meal.

Keep Up With My Fitness Routine

In 2019 I created a fitness routine that I really enjoy and am excited about. On a normal week, I’ll do 2 hot yoga classes, a barre or HIIT class, and 2 relaxation yoga classes. If not barre or HIIT, I’ll do an at-home routine from Blogilates or Madfit. This is a routine that I really look forward to each week and it makes me excited to get a lot of use out of my fitness studio membership.

Learn A New Programming Language And Take An Online Course

I’m a computer science major and the classes I take don’t teach the coding language I’ll need for work in the future so I want to get ahead now. I have always loved learning new things and I enjoy taking classes in my free time and edX is a great way to take college courses for free.

Those are all my goals and resolutions for 2020! I hope your year is filled with growth, change, and a lot of joy!