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Questions For Reflection During Chaos And Staying Inside

I’m sure most of us are staying inside the next few weeks as coronavirus circulates and I think this is a time for a lot of reflection as individuals but also as a country and as humans in general. Last night I began writing in my journal, reflecting on some questions that came to mind the past few weeks.

How is this impacting me? How is this impacting those with less resources than me? What can I do to support others during this time?

I think this is a huge question. Yes, this is impacting almost everyone, but look at it from the perspective of those with trouble paying bills, those with children, sick family members. It’s a small way to help, but tipping more at restaurants or coffee shops can really make a difference for some people. I was in an Uber this weekend and the driver said he hadn’t had a single ride in over 2 hours and barely made any money all day. If you can afford the extra few dollars, consider sharing the wealth.

Where am I with my goals? What have I been pushing off or setting aside? How can I make progress during this time?

How can I take these few days/weeks to improve myself or change my outlook on things?

Can you kick your binge-watching habit and replace it with daily exercise, reading, cooking or improving a skill? There are so many things I want to start doing and spending days at home might be the perfect time to remove the distractions and begin doing some of those things. Today I finally started making some progress on my online clinical psychology course and it feels so good.

What lessons can this experience teach me?

Stay home and stay well!