Nail Polish Tips

Nails can be a bit of a tricky thing, I mean, painting with your non-dominant hand is a feat in itself.  But I have collected the best nail polish tips that I could find, and they’re all tried and true.

Essence Nail Polish

  1. When you want to look tan, try a pastel polish. Because of the lighter color, your skin looks darker.
  2. Dark colors take longer to dry. Let the base coat dry for 2 minutes, first color coat for 3, second color coat for 10, and top coat for at least 20. To prevent any smudges, do this for lighter colors and add two minutes to each step for darker.  For the darker colors to really dry, double the times.
  3. If your nails are feeling weak, take off your nail polish and * gasp * leave them unpainted for at least a week. Give them a bit of olive oil daily to give them nutrients to get stronger.
  4. To stop biting your nails, choose to then buy a nail polish you love and paint them every few days. You don’t want to eat your money off your nails, do you? Also give yourself a reward every single day you go without biting. Maybe a dollar towards your shopping fund or a new lip balm.
  5. If you are painting your nails to match a certain outfit, choose the color with the smallest appearance in the item. Make sure you like it and try to match it closely. It will give a whole new aspect to the clothes and will make people notice the killer colors in your outfit.
  6. Never scratch or pick your polish off, it will create cracks in your nails and eventually they will break down really far. It also weakens them so much so always use a remover.
  7. Only cut your cuticles maybe once or twice a month, it causes bacteria to enter your body when they are too short but too long isn’t helping either.
  8. For a gel-look mani without actually having gel polish, pack on the top coat. I have found that the Sally Hansen instant dry top coats really shine. I always get tons of compliments and questions if my nails are gel when I use tons of top coat.
  9. Avoid buffing your nails too much, they get thin and weak which means that they break super easily.
  10. Sometimes cheap nail polish stays on longer than expensive stuff. (essence at Ulta has a record of 10 days and it is only $1.99!)