Hello lovelies, during Winter, our lips can get very dry and flaky if we don’t take proper care of them.

I have a few products that work wonders keeping my lips hydrated, especially since they are naturally quite dry.

First, I use the e.l.f. lip exfoliator which is a lip scrub in a lipstick tube. You apply it like lipstick then wipe it away with a damp cotton ball.

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At night, I use the My Favorite Night Balm that I got from Birchbox.  Which is actually my favorite.  I used to apply two extremely thick layers of lip balm every night and still wake up with dry lips.  With this, my lips are smooth until morning.

In the morning, I use another lip balm I got from Birchbox.  This one is the Ellovi Vanilla Lip Butter that I just bought and love.  It’s 100% natural and feels so good on my lips.  It keep my lips far smoother than any other lip balm I have ever tried (besides the night balm).

After that, I do my makeup and continue on to apply lip color.  Lately I have been really into the mally beauty lip treats I also purchased from Birchbox.  The colors are very versatile and flattering.  For example the really dark one isn’t super dark but more of a sheer brighter pinky color.  I have heard they go well over lipsticks as well!

Usually, I don’t need to apply any other lip balm throughout the day but sometimes, I do.  When I do, I put on Maybelline’s Baby Lips which I am not a fan of.  It seems to dry my lips out more!  I recommend an all natural one.  I am not a person that makes a point of specifically buying natural products but when I do, it’s a plus and I can tell the difference.

What lip products do you use?  Let me know!