Lately I'm Loving…

Hello gorgeous, these past two months haven’t gotten their own “My Current Obssession” so I’m just going to put it all together and it’s going to cover a lot so bear with me here.

Birchbox.  I was highly considering canceling after this month but this box was so amazing (I just got it today so review by Christmas!) that I couldn’t cancel.  It’s $10 a month if you want to sign up you can do that here*.

e.l.f. beauty bundle.  $40 worth of e.l.f. full sized products for $19.99 a month?  Perfect.  If you want to sign up, you can do that here.  I just got my second one so review near Christmas!


The scent of apples.  I went to lush and I smelled So White and it smells of fresh apples and that might be my favorite bright scent. (Vanilla will always be number 1)  They have it in a bath bomb and shower gel so you should give that a sniff next time you can. Don’t you wish you could send people scents?  I do!

Buzzfeed quizzes.  They are the best way to waste time.  I have found and taken a few Christmassy ones so here’s which Christmas cookie are you (I got Linzer Tart), which reindeer are you (Blizten), and How Christmas are you (I got moderately?? How about immensely!)

Finishing buying Christmas gifts.  My mom will be in awe when she sees the lipsticks she’s been wanting for months in a tiny little box on Christmas morning.  And I always get my dad Daddy-O shampoo from lush because he appreciates the name and actually likes the shampoo but mostly the name.

Last but not least, we cannot forget the favorite blogs of the month!  MaddyAmelia hit 100 followers today, so go tell her congratulations and read a few posts while you’re there, and lifebeinggirly is always a favorite for light-hearted posts that may or may not occasionally include Hello Kitty.

How is your holiday shopping going? Got a favorite something you wanna share?  Leave a comment!


*Yes, the star means it’s a referral link