Valentine's Day: Girl's Night In

Hello lovelies!  If you’re single, a night in with your (single) best friends can be a good way to stay away from the loneliness of the holiday if you don’t have someone to share it with. These are my DIYs to make your little party a whole lot more fun than watching sad movies with a large bottle of wine.

DIY Photobooth

Make some cute little accessories like paper heart glasses or red lips and attach a stick (or a black chopstick) to hold it with to use as costumes.  Tape some paper hearts on a string and hang them from the ceiling, make as many as you want to create your backdrop. Set up a camera (with a self timer) and get posing!

Lipstick Prints

Get every red or pink lipstick you have and have each of your friends kiss a piece of paper with a different color lipstick.  Have them sign their name under their lip print and frame it.  Or instead of being neat, you can go crazy and each do a few kisses. How cute!

Glitter Champagne Flutes

These DIY champagne flutes are so much cuter to drink from than regular ones.  Who doesn’t love a little sparkle?  For these, simply put a circle of non-toxic glue around the top and sprinkle enough glitter to go around.  If you’re underage, try a sparkling cider!

Keep away from sad movies!  Instead of movies that will make you sad like the Notebook or Titanic, find comedies or hilariously bad movies like Valentine’s Day or the Proposal which I think is really funny.

We are 2 weeks away, what are your plans this Valentine’s Day?  Let me know!


Get some plastic champagne flutes and tape where you want the glitter to stop.  Spray glue where you want the glitter to stick and sprinkle pink, red, silver, or gold glitter to create shimmering glasses!  If you’re underage, it’s cute to buy bottles of sparkling cider instead of champagne!