Date Night Makeup

Hello lovelies!  Today I was thinking a lot about the perfect makeup for a date night.  Valentine’s day is nearly here and I don’t know about you, but I prefer to have my entire look planned (including my makeup) a day in advance so I’m not stressed 20 minutes before I need to leave.  I also like to have a test run for my makeup so I can see how my skin is working or if my mascara has run out before I need it.


What you’ll need:

Lip Scrub/ Lip Balm

Red Lipstick/ Lip Liner

Black Powder Eyeliner

Eyeshadow Primer

Black Mascara

Gold and Brown Eyeshadows


Clear Gel Primer

Contouring Bronzer


Liquid Highlighter

How you’ll do it:

First I like to prepare my entire face with primers and whatnot before I start doing anything else.  Use your eyelid primer all over your lids and with the clear gel primer and the liquid highlighter, you will make a highlighting primer.  Squirt enough primer for your whole face and a tiny dot of highlighter and mix.  This will make your skin glow from underneath your foundation and look very natural.  Also in this step, use a lip scrub and finish with a heavy layer of lip balm.


Next I do concealer, then foundation, then powder.  Everyone has their own way of doing this so I’d rather not tell you how to do it.

After this use a light hand with a contour bronzer just below your cheekbones and blend very very well. Sweep blush across your cheekbones and highlighter (powder if you like) just above. This gives your face a bit of structure and color.

Now for the eyes.  Begin with your gold eyeshadow all over your lid up to the crease and use the brown in the crease.  Use the gold along your lower lash line from about the middle to ¾ to the outer corner and the brown from there the the outer corner.  Use a black powder liner on a flat eyeliner brush thinly on your upper and very lightly on your lower lash lines.  Finish with 2 coats of black mascara on both the top and bottom lashes.

If your lips are still very greasy with lip balm, blot it off with a tissue.  Use a true red lip liner to outline then fill in your lips.  Use a matching lipstick and blot with a tissue.  Apply another layer and blot with an oil blotting sheet.  This removes extra oils that slip around on your lips.

 What’s your favorite date night look?  Let me know!