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Snack Attack: Healthy Recipes

Hello lovelies! If you read my resolution updates post a while back, you may remember that I am trying to be healthier by eating better. I have found some amazingly delicious snacks that are super easy to make that are super healthy. Including berries and natural sweeteners, and even something so simple as greek yogurt instead of regular make these a all bit better for you.

Greek yogurt has a super rich, creamy, thick texture that makes this (and variations of this) recipe so good! Scoop two heaping spoonfuls of a low-fat Greek yogurt (I like Fage plain) into a bowl. Bust out the berries and put as many as you feel suffices your yogurt. Top with a swirl of honey and eat with a spoon. I eat this all the time, breakfast, mid-morning snack, and late night snack because it is so filling because of the Greek yogurt. There is usually (by my experience) about 4 times more protein in Greek yogurt vs. regular yogurt. And there are a lot less unhealthy sugars in it!

Another way you can eat Greek yogurt is with pears. Slice some pears over half your yogurt and a handful of granola on the other and it’s like a little parfait!


This is necessarily a snack recipe but I really love making it for breakfast. A half-cup of dry oats mixed with a half cup of milk and some cinnamon and sugar overnight in the fridge (with a cover in a mason jar or Tupperware bowl) and in the morning, you have no cook oatmeal. Pile up on your favorite berries and honey and eat cold! You can find tons of recipes for this online if you want to try a few different variations, there’s some that use yogurt instead of all milk that I’ve seen.

This one is also breakfast but it is super delicious and healthy for breakfast when you have a few minutes extra. Break up a few mushroom pieces in a bit of olive oil and heat them until they’re slightly cooked in a frying pan. Next, crack and scramble one or two eggs over the mushrooms. Once the eggs have begun to solidify, add some frozen corn and feta chess crumbles.  This is super filling!  If I have a really long day, I try to make this in the morning because I know I’ll be full until lunch.

If you find you’re hungry all the time, maybe you’re just dehydrated.  And if regular water doesn’t satisfy your want for a taste in your mouth, infused waters are the perfect cure!  My favorite way to drink water is with a slice of lemon, but there are other ways to flavor your water if that isn’t something you like. Try a few frozen blackberries for a fruity taste or cucumbers and mint for something more refreshing. You can search water infusions on pinterest the recipes are endless!

That’s all for now! What are your favorite snacks? Leave a comment!