Subscription Boxes

e.l.f. Beauty Bundle: February 2015

Cost: $19.99 bimonthly, $59.97 for 3 boxes, $119.94 for 6 boxes plus Shipping

So here’s the deal: “The Beauty Bundle is e.l.f.’s new makeup subscription plan that sends an assortment of our top-rated products straight to your mailbox every eight weeks. With three different subscription plans to choose from, you can get your beauty fix at your own pace, on your own budget. It’s the perfect pick-me-up of your favorite e.l.f. goodies, at the perfect value! No need to worry about picking matching colors or deciding on the perfect palette–We’ll do the hard work for you! Our expert makeup artists will curate an amazing selection of our best products, all in our favorite neutral colors designed to look beautiful on every skin tone, and ship it your way!”

This month, the boxes were delayed because of the snow on the east coast so they just came in a brown cardboard box.  But since they were late, there was a special gift inside!  There was also no card with a theme, sadly but it was the New Year’s Bundle most likely with a “Natural” theme.  *For some reason it says happy birthday on the bottom of the packing slip but my birthday is in October??!*

My Box:

Retractable Kabuki Brush


I love love love this!  I was about to go buy the real techniques version of this the day I got this box in the mail!  It’s super slim and easy to fit in small purses!  The bristles could be a bit more densely packed but I head that you just don’t twist it up all the way to fake it, which sounds like an amazing idea!  The bristles are super soft and perfect for applying highlighter, blush or setting powder!

Mineral Lip Tint in Rose


This lip tint is super pigmented.  It is a lot darker than this picture when you actually put it on, but it’s easily sheered out. The pink is sort of a nudey undertoned pink that’s a bit darker.   This is super smooth on the lips and is a really good moisturizing lip balm with color but it doesn’t last all too long and definitely not through eating.  Overall this is a great product for some color with serious moisture.  By the way, this tastes really good!

Pout Perfecter


This was not something I used.  It is pure glitter that is a very unflattering tone.  The glitter is supposed to reflect light and make your lips look fuller but honestly I just felt like a three year old with lip gloss.  The applicator is a little paint brush type thing so it’s hard not to get too much product.  Not a fan.

Mineral Eye Liner in Black


I love how smooth this eye liner glides on my eye, zero tugging and it’s easy to get off…but it’s so smudgy.  If you’re one for smudgy eyeliner like I am then you’d love it but I can just run my fingertip over it and it’s smeared all over.  It is a really true and dark black that’s perfect for your upper lash line if you want it a bit smudgy or smokey but not for precise lines.  And never on the lower lash line with my allergies.

Pearl White Eye Widener


This white eyeliner is meant to be put on your waterline and make your eyes look wider but since it is white it looks a bit silly up close.  I would prefer if it was a nude pencil which I prefer for this use.  Also, it doesn’t glide very easily and on the waterline that’s important.  Once it dried a little after I kept drawing with it on my hand until it was soft, it got really really gooey.


Eye Brightener in Buff


This powder is a light colored powder with shimmer meant to brighten your under eye area. And let me tell you, it really does.  I use this over my concealer and all traces of dark circles are gone!  Because it isn’t white like other under eye powders I’ve tried, you can use it when you will be having your photo taken so you don’t have white circles on your face.  This powder feels like nothing, it’s super fine and thin but has such great coverage!  And also, no creasing! Definitely one of my favorites!

Pressed Mineral Blush in Wanderlust


This shimmering blush looks so natural because it is fairly sheer and gives you a glow-y look.  The color is fairly deep and the pigment is good, it is easy to get a good application without over doing it with this blush.  It’s not the longest wearing but I still really like this purple-y toned blush.

Zit Zapper Acne Treatment


I can’t use this because I use a prescription on my face so I handed this off to my sister who uses it and loves it.  It is salicylic acid which is a very common acne treatment.  They have updated the formula since I got this in February.

Nail Polish in Nude

I really like this color, but I don’t think it looks too good on me.  It is more of a purple-y pink which I am not a major fan of.  It dries really fast and is really opaque.  It’s also 3 free (no toluene, formaldehyde, or DBP).

Matte Lip Color in Natural

This color is really pale so it also doesn’t look that good on me but if I use this then a red over it, it makes a nice pink.  These are a bit longer lasting than the regular lip colors because they’re matte and don’t have as many slippery oils.

Studio Contour Brush

I love this brush.  I use it for all over my eye and in the crease to save time.  It has really densely packed bristles and I like that they’re black because they don’t look as dirty as fast.  It is so small that it fits perfectly on my eyelid to give me the right amount of color.  And the bristles are so soft!  This is probably my favorite in the box!

And for the special free gift…

Makeup Artist Brush Belt

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.48.35 AM

This is an expensive free gift but I’m not sure when someone like me who only does their own makeup would use this.  It would be great for someone who does other people’s makeup but I will never use this.  It’s still in the packaging in my closet.  I would have much rather gotten some brush cleaner or a makeup remover pen.  I was not excited about this sadly.

Total: $49

My favorites this time are the retractable kabuki brush, the contour eye brush, and the eye brightener!  I use all three of these so often.  I use most of the others but a lot of the colors were a bit off for me this time.  I also find myself using the black eyeliner a lot, as well as the lip tint.

Sorry this was so terribly long! And so terribly late!  I hVe had this written for a while but I was trying to get those last three photos. When I realized the April box already came I just had to post it now so hopefully that one will be up sometime this month!

Do you get the e.l.f. beauty bundle?  If so, what are you hoping for next time?  If not, what are your favorite e.l.f. products?