Samples I Actually Use!

Hello lovelies!  Today I was thinking about how many samples I get from subscription boxes and the general accumulation of samples throughout the weeks and how many I actually use.  A few came to mind that I have used from Birchbox and elsewhere so I though I would share my opinions on them!  Let’s get started!


First is the balance me under eye cream which I got in this Birchbox.  This is a huge tube but there’s not much inside.  I really love the scent and how nice it feels when I apply it.  This is definitely one I use often!

Next is the Joico Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor for your hair.  This stuff is no joke, if you leave it in even a minute too long you’ll have a greasy head until you re-shampoo.  I only use this once a month or so to give my hair a re-start and I leave it in for maybe a minute.  I got this in an Ulta Love Your Hair event gift and this is a huge sample.

The Clinique rinse-off makeup solvent is my go-to eye makeup remover, although I never read directions and I just now learned that you should rinse it off… oops.  Well anyway, this is the only makeup remover that doesn’t pull out my eyelashes or leave em with a layer of oil on my eyes.  It really does the jobs and I’m sad it’s almost out.

The Lait-Crème Concentré is the moisturizer I use at night and it has shockingly lasted me for about 2 months now.  It feels really nice on my skin and hydrates really well.  I would recommend this for normal skin, give or take, because it doesn’t control oil but it isn’t crazy moisturizing.  I got this in my most recent Birchbox.

Next the Nº4 Clarifying Shampoo is one I got in this Birchbox.  It doesn’t lather too well so I use about 2 handfuls which I probably shouldn’t but I can’t help myself!  It doesn’t really work for me otherwise!

The small eyeshadow palette is the sample size of the Revealed 2 which I got in my very first  Birchbox.  I only use the black but I use that nearly every day as a powder eyeliner as it is matte and very pigmented.  The other colors don’t really work on me but I love love love the black.

Finally, The Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! deep conditioning mask is one of my favorites to use weekly to revive my hair. It smells really nice and works better than any other mask I’ve tried.  I use this in place of my normal conditioner and it completely refreshes the end of my hair!  I got this in my January Birchbox!

That is all the samples that I am using a lot at the time of this photo, now, I’ve started using my tarte clean slate poreless primer, Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, and a few others!  Which I love by the way!

What samples are you using lately? Leave a comment!