Nail Favorites!

Hello lovelies!  I have collected my nail favorites, although some new ones are missing.  I have some nail care and a few gorgeous polishes that I love and wanted to share with you so let’s get started!


For nail care, there’s Sally Hansen VitaSurge Strengthening Gel.  I bit my nails for about 7 years so when I cut the habit a few years back, they broke so often it was discouraging.  I bought this and started using it every day before I went to bed and they started to get stronger.

Next, I have the OPI Nail Envy which I got as a gift.  I use this as a base for my nail polish because this really makes my nails really strong and thick so they don’t spilt and break.  This one dries crazy fast and it’s perfect to put on when I’m having a bare nail day… or week.

The last nail care item is the e.l.f. Nourishing Cuticle Pen.  This has all sorts of oils to smooth my cuticles before and after a home manicure.  I use this super often to keep them healthy and the pen makes it so easy and mess free!  I got this in my e.l.f. beauty bundle here.

The red nail polish is the Ulta Brand Nail Laquer in Paint the Town Red.  I love the true red shade that this is. Usually they are berry toned or more orange-y but this one is a true red.

My new favorite dark is essie Midnight Cami.  I got this when I got a manicure a while back and I went to more than a few stores trying to find it.  Finally I stopped at Walgreens to get some cotton balls and I found it.  Most places only carry After School Boy Blazer which is darker and doesn’t have the gorgeous shimmer that Midnight Cami does.  Midnight Cami is a beautiful navy that isn’t bright but it isn’t super dark either.  And it has the most gorgeous shimmer in it  that makes it look so perfect.  Navy is a great nail color that loos great on every skin tone and this is by far my favorite navy.

The mini OPI came in a set I got as a gift with 20 OPI minis.  These are perfect for maybe 5 to 10 uses because really, the big ones dry up before then anyway, and I got to try so many beautiful shades.  This is OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, a very popular dark purple that’s almost black. I’d call it a more friendly black polish, it isn’t so harsh and severe like plain black, it has the slightest bit of color that makes it more gentle and wearable.

Lastly, my favorite from Julep is the rose gold called Julep Soliel.  It’s a beautiful rose gold with shimmer and dries super fast.  It’s good for your nails and the bottle is genius.  I did a more thorough review here.

These are my top nail items but my newest favorite color for spring is Sinful Colors 300 Easy Going.  It’s such a light pink that it’s almost white (a friendly white, if you will).

What are your nail favorites?  Do you have a taupe/grey polish recommendation for me?  Let me know!