hello june

Hello lovelies!  It’s the beginning of June and you know what that means, a monthly goal post!  Every month I like to sit down with a yummy beverage (lemon water this month) and write about my goals for the month and plan on how I will work on them.  I am super goal-oriented so goals are fun for me but I’m very forgiving if I don’t reach them.  So let’s get on with my June goals!


  1. Study really hard and do amazing on my exams.  Exams are the second week of June for 3 days, which means 4 hard exams and 2 easy over 3 days.  I am working on a time-management plan for scheduling blog posts before then and working out how much I need to study for each test while also working in time to enjoy myself and sleep away the headaches.
  2. Spend more time outside.  I have just been coming home everyday and taking a 2 hour nap on some cushions in my backyard in the sun for the past week and it’s super refreshing.  I haven’t yet got sun-burnt which is very exciting so I’ll have to keep up the SPF!  I’m thinking about writing a blog post in my Summer series about how to spend more time outside, thoughts?
  3. Eat more fruit and drink more green tea.  I have recently found a love for iced green tea and I love eating fruit but I want to find new ways to eat fruit and become less lazy about making tea (it takes 4 minutes Sofia, it’s not that bad).  I was thinking about some smoothies and popsicles with lots of fruit so expect some recipes!
  4. Go vegan for a day.  I’ve always wanted to try going vegan but I have never actually done it.  I think some day soon I will try it and probably go for a full week later in the year.
  5. Host a party.  Not some crazy party, probably me and a few other people for some fun chatting and festivities to celebrate the start of summer.  With all these blogs it’s fun to take ideas from 10 different blogs and create a gathering that’s really unique!
  6. Cook more.  Even if it’s just a new cookie recipe I want to get more familiar with cooking and baking.  My whole family is great at making delicious food so I’d love to teach myself some great recipes.

Well, that’s all I can think of for June but I’ll be working really hard on these all month, what are your goals?  Let me know!