How to Make Disappointing Products WORK

Hello lovelies!  So today, I wanted to talk about disappointing products.  Not about how much I dislike certain products, about how to fix those things that you think ‘I just wasted my money and I don’t want to literally throw it away, now what?’  I’ve got your back because I have become an expert at using bad products productively.

Disappointing Products

Clockwise: Almay Smart shade liquid makeup light, L’Oreal true match foundation in n2, Ulta Flawless Primer, NYX waterproof concealer, Maybelline BabySkin, mark eyeshadow stick, NYX stay matte but not flat foundation in ivory.

Wrong color foundation is a huge problem when buying a foundation that you can’t get fitted to.  If it’s just a little too light or too dark, you can mix it with a clear primer to give it a tint and further reduce redness.  If it’s just totally wrong, you can also use it as a primer or an eyeshadow base.  Mine is the L’Oreal true match in n2.  It’s just too light but the next shade darker was too dark.  I use it mixed with my Maybelline Baby Skin to give my face a bit of a tint before I begin with foundation.

Wrong texture foundation can be hard to deal with because there’s just nothing you can do about the texture of your skin.  If it’s too dry (like a matte that doesn’t work with your dry skin) use it as a great fix for oily eyelids or an eyeshadow base that makes your shadow stay on so much longer!  If it’s too luminous or too shimmery, use it as a liquid highlighter under your eyes to brighten!

Foundation that doesn’t stay on is a nightmare.  Looking at yourself in the mirror after a long day and seeing that your foundation is gone is horrifying.  To fix that, get a primer.  Try the Smashbox Photo Finish which is extremely popular.  Also try setting your makeup with a good setting powder for your skin.  For oily skin, try Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot.  For normal skin, try tarte smooth operator (it’s so smooth I thought there were drops of water on my face) and now there’s a pressed and tinted version of smooth operator if you aren’t a fan of white powders.

Mascara with a weird brush is something I’m really picky about and if it doesn’t have a brush I like I’ll use it but I won’t be happy about it.  You can take a gel eyeliner brush and get the product off either the brush or just put it in the mascara tube and you will have a great long-lasting eyeliner!  You can also get a free mascara wand from most clinique counters to swap out the brush or get some from a brand like elf.  Personally, I’m not a big fan of those mascara brushes that are like spoolies, so this is something I do with those.

Mascara that gives you panda eyes is common mascara problem.  To fix it, simply get a waterproof topcoat… for your lashes.  This one is from a brand we all know and love, Anastasia.  It’s the Lash Genius Clear Waterproof Topcoat which I have heard good things about but it’s not widely known.  There’s also this awesome one from elf. It’s hard when you get a new mascara and you love the brush but it just runs like there’s no tomorrow so a waterproof topcoat can solve that and, you can use it over your eyebrows to make sure your product won’t go anywhere on a beach day!

Lipstick that fades before you blink is something that I cannot stand.  I pay money for a lipstick and I put it on, next thing I know it is who knows where (by the way, where does lipstick go when it fades?? Does it magically evaporate??).    This is solvable because there are such things as lip primers, *ooOOoo* This one is from Cargo which has a lot of waterproof products and long-wearing makeup.  It’s the Cargo HD Picture Perfect Lip Primer which comes in lip gloss packaging with a doe-foot applicator which makes it super easy.  There’s also the NYX Lip Primer which comes in a crayon type packaging.

Eyeshadow with zero staying power is something that really bothers me considering how expensive eyeshadows are these days.  I use an eyeshadow primer from elf which is so effective and affordable.  You can also get something from elf that helps seal your makeup by mixing it in!  For example, mix a few drops with your foundation, eyeliner, or blush to make it longer-lasting!  Also, wet your eyeshadow brush with this and you will get the color payoff of a wet brush with the staying power of the Lock and Seal!

Nail polish that chips like there’s no tomorrow is especially annoying because of how expensive nail polish has gotten lately, upwards of $20 for a nail polish??? I don’t understand? Anyway, it’s easy to fix with a nail polish equation of sorts (ew, equations) 1 coat base + 2 coats color + 2 coats top + 1 coat top every other day = weeklong wear.  Also, make sure to always “seal” the tips of your nails.  Flip your hands vertically so you are looking straight down at the tips of your nails your nails , look at the edge of your nail, that’s where you want to make sure you’re getting topcoat!  I find that essence polishes are the best (and only $1.99!)

When primer just doesn’t help.  If you’re primer just doesn’t do anything, try mixing it with your foundation or using it as a lip primer instead!  When primer shopping, first look for oil-free so it won’t slip away if you have oily skin.  Next, pick one that either addresses an area of concern like oil, pores, dryness, blemishes, long-lasting, etc.  Lastly, pick a texture you like, silicone (Smashbox Photo Finish), tinted (Smashbox Pore Minimizing) similar to the POREfessional, a water (Smashbox Primer Water), a thick texture (L’Oreal Magic Perfecting Base), etc.  The one linked with the thick texture is my favorite drugstore! All these will help sort the ones that don’t suit you and keep you from really wrong ones that are popular (personally I don’t like Maybelline BabySkin).

That was a crazy long post but remember that there is usually something to use bad makeup for!

What are your best solutions?  Any problems I didn’t address?  Let me know!