Hello lovelies!  June has gone so fast and July has begun!  I will be going on two trips this month so I am finally getting some traveling in!  I also kicked butt on my exams which I worked really hard on (by the way, being 0.3% away from a grade up was a real bummer).  I’ve done most of my blogging outside in my yard to get outside while I’m sitting on my laptop and I love the sun and fresh air!  I have cooked a lot more lately, I was thinking about a few recipes going up this month that I really enjoyed making!  Anyway, let’s get on to July goals!


  1. Disconnect more. I’d really love to get off my phone a bit more because I feel like I could be missing so many people and so many opportunities not being fully present.  I have the app Moment which tells how much time you’re spending on your phone and the numbers are way too high lately so I’d like to get the upgrade ($4.99) to literally set a cut-off amount of time to be on my phone every day.  {Update: turning off the cellular data on my phone was an amazing decision.  I only get notifications when I’m on wi-fi}
  2. Train for a 5k.  I got the app called Couch to 5k which has an 8 week training program, 3 days a week slowly easing into a 5k.  I’m starting week 2 as soon as I get back from vacation and I really am liking it!
  3. Go vegan for a day.  Before I go a full week I’d just like to go a day and really see how hard it is to not eat any animal products.  I’d love the challenge and to see how I feel after!
  4. Say yes so as much as possible.  I went to Summerfest twice last week with friends at night, a first for me.  If you know anything about Summerfest it’s that smoking and drinking are allowed and nearly encouraged.  Almost everyone there is doing something, I was about a foot away from a fight at a concert BUT it is so much fun and I discovered that I really love types of music I would have never thought I’d like.  (By the way, Paris Hilton is actually a good DJ!)  Long story short, I always have a great time when I do things that scare me and I need to do them more.
  5. I’d like to have the courage to talk to new people. What makes me so scared to talk to people?  What do I think they’re going to do?  Laugh at me?  Why should I be so scared?  I always regret not talking to new people so I’d like to change that.
  6. Start looking at colleges.  People keep asking me what college I want to go to and what I’ll be majoring in but you know what, I don’t know what I want to major in!  I don’t even know which school I’d like to go to!  I only know that I want to be in New York and I’d love to learn more about the PR industry.

I don’t have too many goals this month but I really want to work hard at them and really make a change in them this month!  The harder I work, the faster I’ll see change!

What are your goals for July?  Leave a comment!