Things to Do More Often // Positivity Part I

Hello lovelies!  I decided that July needed to be the month where this blog goes positive.  Meaning: a ton of positivity posts ranging from body confidence to making habits to stay happier.  I’ve made a list of things that people in this time don’t do anymore….and we really should!  We are all so caught up in technology that we rarely do anything anymore!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty too but we all need to work towards being more social and active!


Take walks.  With no destination just go on a walk!  It gets you moving and out into the fresh air, something we are all lacking.

Read a book.  There are so many people that just “see the movie” but that’s not a replacement for the amazing creativity in creating the characters and scenes in your head as you read a book.

Make a meal for yourself.  Microwave frozen dinners don’t count.  Make something to eat and sit down and eat it.  It’s so nice to eat something you’ve made for yourself and it is much healthier than the tons of preservatives in packaged foods.

Wear what you want.  What’s stopping you?  Okay, maybe your work or school dress code but make sure you always like what you’re wearing because it’s so hard to have a good day when you’re wearing something you hate…trust me.

Wake up early.  You can be so productive and start your day not rushed if you get up early.  Early might mean 5:30, 7, or even 8 depending on your schedule but waking up early and getting straight to work doing something productive leads to a much more productive day than waking up at 11 and going on your phone for an hour then realizing you’re late and it’s already past lunch!

Eat healthy.  This can be hard but find ways to eat healthy on the go if that’s what’s stopping you.  Raw almonds in a baggie can serve as a healthy and filling snack while grapes can add a serving of fruit to your lunch super easily.  Going to the store and avoiding soda can cut hundreds of calories and grams of sugar from your diet every day.  (Replace it with a sparking water or infused water depending on if you like the carbonation or the taste can help)

Try something you’ve never done.  SO many people won’t try things because they literally have “never done it before”. What Kind Of Excuse Is That? “Oh, I don’t want to go scuba diving because I’ve never done it before” WHAT?! I simply don’t understand.  If you’re afraid of drowning or can’t swim that’s different.  Same with something like repelling down a cliff “I’ve never repelled so I don’t want to” if you’re afraid of heights it’s okay but saying you don’t want to because you never have is literally robbing yourself of an amazing experience. You can gain friends and incredible memories from trying new things.  I dare you to try something new.

Do things alone.  Not to be a bummer but people need to learn to be independent even if it means going to a movie alone or even going on a run without a partner.  You’ll be surprised how different things are without having someone else around.  I’d really love to go on vacation alone, preferably travel around a few countries for a few months on my own.  I got super independent but I’m not really sure when.  All the sudden I became really fond of spending time alone which is a great skill to have!

Turn off your phone. It is so refreshing and nice to just not have to worry about your phone for a while. Even though it’s off, carry it with you in case of an emergency.

Have anything else I missed? Leave a comment!