How to Feel more Body Confident // Positivity Part III

Hello lovelies!  This is the third installment of my positivity series!  (See part 1 here and part 2 here.)  This one has tips to become more body confident and more body positive.  These things have been issues among men and women in recent years because of the media’s increasing presence and its insane influence on all of us.  Every day what do we see?  Pictures of thin models wearing clothes we can’t afford.  It’s destructive!  We get more insecure and self-conscience every day seeing these all the time.  I have made a list of things you can do to help increase your confidence!


Do your makeup, or your hair, or put on a kick-a** outfit.  Do what you need to do to feel great about yourself.  It really helps when you like what you’re wearing if you’re going for confidence.  If I don’t like my outfit, there’s a huge chance I’ll be criticizing something else about myself.

Tell yourself you look great, all the time.  While you’re getting ready, as you check the mirror before you leave your house, every time you glance at a mirror, as you’re walking into work, a store or a restaurant; all the time.  Just think to yourself “you look great and you’re doing great.”  Soon enough you’ll believe it.

Acknowledge things you don’t feel confident about, accept it how it is and work to feel better about it.  If that means changing your diet, getting active or simply getting a different pair of glasses, do it.  Now don’t go crazy here, you still need to be healthy and happy: simply swapping a doughnut for breakfast for a bowl of fruit can make a huge difference in how you feel.  Or, you can start to invest in clothes that make you feel good, not sweats. How about an amazing dress that makes you feel great.

Accept compliments.  Society has taught us to refute compliments by saying “no, I don’t” or “no, I’m not”.  Start accepting your compliments by saying “thank you, I appreciate it”.  As soon as you starting accepting the praise you’ll believe it.  This has been instrumental in my confidence journey.

Stop comparing yourself to other people.  Every single person’s body is different and there’s no possible way they could ever be the same.  It’s useless to compare yourself when it’s basically physically impossible to be the same.  So stop the “I wish I had her body” thoughts and go with “She’s beautiful but so am I” ones.  It will help you in the long run I promise.  Plus, your body is amazing and it’s how it’s supposed to be so there’s no reason to want someone else’s!

Stop body shaming others, it all comes back to you.  By commenting on someone being too big or too thin, you learn to notice little things about people’s bodies which you start noticing about yourself.  Translation: picking on other’s bodies will lead you to pick on your own.

Accept yourself and everyone else’s differences.  Some people are naturally this way and some people are naturally that way and it’s all okay.  Start to learn that and you will accept yourself much more.

Be yourself, you can’t be confident in yourself when you’re pretending to be someone else.

You get what you give so start giving compliments!  It’s helping someone’s confidence and they’re likely to give you one in return.

I’m encouraging you all to be yourselves and use the rest of this year to become more body confident and positive in general.  This series is as much about me and it is about you, I want all of you to be as happy as you can and to live the best life you can.