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4 ways: Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Hello lovelies!  So I was cleaning my makeup brushes the other day and I thought about all the ways you can clean them, now I don’t have the tools for all the methods but these are the ones I’m using and I think re the easiest!  There’s so many tutorials for homemade cleansers but I have collected quite a few cleansers themselves that I wanted to show you!


e.l.f. Brush Shampoo – Specifically for makeup brushes, this is anti-bacterial but doesn’t seem to clean as well as some other options.  This is alright if you clean your brushes more often like every week, unlike me who actually gets around to it once a month.


Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, or any other baby shampoo – This cleans so well as it is meant to clean hair, similar to makeup brush bristles.  This cleans very well but isn’t as anti-bacterial as the brush shampoo.

Ulta Spray Brush Cleanser – This one is my favorite for a deep clean.  Get your brush super wet, spray this in, rub it around and rinse well.  It cleans the best, gets all the makeup off and keeps them soft.

e.l.f. Daily Brush Cleanser – This is not meant to be used with water nor to completely clean your brushes.  This is for an every day upkeep type of clean.  Spray it on and swirl your brush on paper towel or tissue to get the surface layer of makeup off.

Makeup Remover Wipes – This is mainly for on the go or an extremely quick clean.  This is for the very surface level of makeup and only should be used for emergencies or travel.


For anti-bacterial – e.l.f. Brush Shampoo

For a good cleanse – Baby Shampoo

For an all around deep clean- Ulta Spray Brush Cleanser

For a daily wash – e.l.f. Daily Brush Cleanser

For a quick clean – Makeup Remover Wipes

What are your favorite brush cleansers?  Have you tried a solid cleanser? Let me know!