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November Goals 2015

The year is going so fast and quickly coming to a close and next month we will look back on all we’ve accomplished this year.  A new month is like a mini new year, with new goals to improve on and a fresh start!  I love this month’s computer wallpaper (from Smashing Magazine as always), “let our lives be full of thanks and giving” it’s perfect for Thanksgiving!

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  1. Read More.  I just got 7 books to read and I’m done with 3 so far so I’m really excited to start reading more again!  I love relaxing without staring at a computer screen with a book cozied up on the couch and a nice chai tea latte!
  2. Get rid of unworn clothes.  I really want to keep on paring down my wardrobe until I have a solid amount of pieces that I totally love instead of too many that I never wear.  I just got rid of around 50 items but I’d like to get rid of another 100 or so from now until March when I start my first real capsule wardrobe.  Until then I’m doing little ones every 2 weeks to see what I really wear and what I don’t.
  3. Save money (a.k.a. stop buying makeup)!  I have big plans for this blog but not many of these plans can be done without a certain amount of money, so I’ll need to start saving up! Also, Christmas gifts!! I need to start saving for Christmas as well so I really need to stop…I say as I’m placing an order on elf.  Oops.
  4. Plan ahead to get into a posting schedule…corresponding with number 3.

Over To You:

What are your goals this month?  How are you looking to improve in your life?  Leave a comment, I’d love to hear them!