4 Organizational Tips

It’s always about 3 weeks into the new year that I forget about my New Year’s Resolutions and I lose motivation to start up again.  If you’re anything like me, one of your resolutions was to get and stay more organized.  After getting and not using a new planner, I’m determined to get back on the bandwagon.  And I like to share, so here are my 4 organizational tips, enjoy.

4 Organizational Tips | Born To Be Bright

One of my favorite ways to get organized is to throw stuff out.  Every few weeks I have a go-through of my wardrobe and see what I still haven’t worn and toss it out.  Same with everything on my desk and the boxes of things under my bed, as well as the bathroom.  Read: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I’m about halfway and I really love it.

Lists of everything.  I tend to forget things so I make lists of everything because we are all familiar with that feeling of “oh shoot I forgot!” even if it’s a makeup item you wanted to buy but you spent your money on something else.  To-do lists, time sensitive lists, all the lists.  Try: Workflowy, it has this functionality of having infinite sublevels within a bullet point, just my type.

Keep your bed and your floor clear.  Every night before I go to bed I have a 5 minute power clean of all the clothes strewn everywhere.  I just fold them all and put them in a pile on my dresser so I can put them away in the morning, but hey, my floor and bed are clear of clothes.

Make a “day”.  By that I mean, have one day of the week that you dedicate to doing all the not-so-fun tasks: properly cleaning your room, laundry, tidying up around the house.  If you can sacrifice a few hours of one day a week you’ll save so much frustration of not wanting to do any of it.  Tip: do a face mask while you do laundry and clean your room, multitasking my friends.

What are your organizational goals?