Last Minute DIY Valentines!

Valentine’s Day always sneaks up on me, my recent google searches happen to be “punny valentines” and “DIY Valentines”.  Yesterday I sat down with crafting supplies and got creative, coming up with some pretty punny super easy DIY valentines that I made with things around my house!

DIY Valentines | Born To Be Bright

The first one is a cute little tea-cup with coffee grounds in that says “you’re BREW-tiful” perfect for a friend or a sister!  I busted out the coffee grounds and the tacky glue for this one, super easy!

Next I took a few pink buttons and glued them down with the caption “you’re cute as a button”.  I also really love the flower button, how cute.

I tried finding some rocks but I couldn’t so I broke out the German rock sugar for my tea and glued a few chunks down to say “you ROCK”.  ha ha.

I got this little Tabasco somewhere so I took that opportunity for the caption “you’re hot” which I’ll be giving to a good friend of mine for a few laughs.

The last one with a cute caption is a bunch of coffee grounds glued down saying “I love you a latte” for a sister or friend.  You can also use coffee beans but I didn’t have any, same idea.

The last one is so cute with Xs and heart Os with pink, red, and silver chunky glitter.  Kind of hard to get the glue in a heart shape but it’s easily moved with a toothpick.  I definitely have glitter everywhere, but that’s okay.

What are you favorite Valentine puns?