How To Calm Down Fast

We all have those moments where are heart rate speeds up and we start feeling super nervous.  I have 3 ways to regain your breath and normal heart rate fast.  I think it is such an important thing to pay attention to because it’s terrible sitting somewhere and feeling so nervous, learning how you can calm down fast makes stressful situations so much more pleasant.

How To Calm Down Fast | Born To Be Bright

Listen to music or a guided meditation.  There’s nothing like tuning out completely to relax your mind.  I find that fast and loud music makes me more nervous but some like it to drown out their racing mind.  Also, guided meditations are pretty much a godsend, Andrew Johnson has tons of apps and the app Calm is another great one.  Try your best to actually listen to them and do as they say because it really can get you back on track.

How To Calm Down Fast | Born To Be Bright

Distract yourself.  Read a book, read some blogs, or watch your favorite YouTuber to get your mind in a different place.  Distracting yourself only works if the distraction is positive and won’t make you more anxious.

How To Calm Down Fast | Born To Be Bright

Think happy thoughts.  You can buy this set of a bunch of different happiness quotes at the Paper Source and keep them with you or on your desk.  This one says: “Happiness is not in our circumstance, but in ourselves.  It is not something we see, like a rainbow, or feel, like the heat of a fire.  Happiness is something we are.” – John B. Sheerin  I love this quote because it puts your problems in perspective and lets you know that your situation shouldn’t affect your happiness because happiness is something inside.

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