Beauty Favorites

March Favorites 2016

Here’s everything I’ve been loving the past four weeks in my March favorites, including a Becca highlighter, a Cetaphil skin-saver, and my favorite hairbrush.

March Favorites | Born To Be BrightI never wanted to buy a new hairbrush, I had a Tangle Teaser for a while but after my sister and I wore it out, I was too lazy to buy a new one so I sat with my old one, sadly brushing out my hair.  Enter The Wet Brush.  This brush boasts a handle, unlike our old favorite the Tangle Teaser, and it’s great with wet hair.  Although I wish I had a black one, this is my favorite haircare item I own.

I had some crazy dryness around my mouth the past few weeks but with a heavy application of the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, they were healed in days.  This also works great on your hands if you have super cracked hands because it’s such a thick cream.  Also fragrance-free for my sensitive skin fam.

Elf’s Waterproof Mascara TopCoat has been saving my life all month long, with the rain and occasional snow.  Usually my waterproof mascara runs but this keeps it locked away all day.

Lastly, my beloved Becca liquid highlighter in Opal.  This little guy is the most natural glow.  I use it under a matte foundation to keep my face from looking sickly or unhealthy, it’s a dream.