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My No Makeup Challenge

I’ve always been one to say the phrases “5 minutes so I can do my makeup really fast” or “almost ready I just need to finish my makeup”.  But I always wanted to be someone who just left the house with no makeup.  I felt like I needed a change in my makeup routine, my skin was so dry is was hard to do foundation and it wasn’t as fun anymore.  I decided that the last week of school I wasn’t going to wear a stitch of makeup.

My No Makeup Challenge | Born To Be Bright

This was something totally new for me.  I know some people do this all the time but I don’t.  I’m used to taking 20 minutes on my makeup every morning and trying new products every day.  But instead, I could sleep in later or take more time making a good breakfast. And I really liked it.

What was I afraid of?  No one was going to say, “wow you look awful why don’t you have makeup on?”.  No one said anything!  No compliments either but I didn’t mind.  I was having a great time being able to rest my head on my arm without makeup all over everything.  I was having an awesome time not having my eyes be itchy and being able to rub my eyes without mascara everywhere.  I was having an awesome time without worrying about my makeup breaking up by the end of the day.

I was sick of taking forever doing my makeup just so the dry patches wouldn’t be super clear or so my dark circles wouldn’t show.  At the end of the day, who cares if I look tired.  Plus, if I’m not taking 20 minutes on my makeup, I can spend 20 more minutes sleeping.

I was thinking, What if people make comments?  What if I’m uncomfortable?  Time to put my fears away for the week and enjoy the clean skin.

For my skin, I used Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, CeraVe AM moisturizer at night, Cetaphil SPF 15 Daily Moisturizer in the morning.  I also used a ton of facial mists.  This miracle called Caudelie Beauty Elixir is crazy expensive in the US but in Europe it’s way less expensive.  It’s minty but hydrates my skin so well and made my skin look amazing without makeup, I used that before moisturizer both morning and night.  I also loved using the Mario Badescu Rosewater all the time. The Caudelie Grape Water acted as my “spray on makeup”: a quick mist of this and I looked like I had Gigi Hadid skin.  Amazing.

I loved having nothing on my face.  I felt more inclined to work harder on my skincare routine, which was an amazing thing for me.

Surprisingly, I took some of those things I learned and they’ve influenced my makeup skin care routines since.  I bought a Foreo to take better care of my skin, I began being more conscious of SPF on my face, I started thinking about what I eat and how it impacts my skin, I stopped washing my face in the morning because I realized that I didn’t have to.  And with my makeup, I bought the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB which is the lightest and best base for minimal makeup.  Now, my makeup is really simple and my skin always looks fresh and natural, I rarely use powder anymore.

I recommend anyone go a week without makeup, not just when you’re sick or at home for the day.  Go with your friends with no makeup, go shopping, go for it.

I liked this whole thing so much I did it again, but a bit less extreme.  I wore only that miracle called Maybelline Dream Fresh BB (which has SPF 30) for a week with a ton of friends and people I’ve never met before.  I wore nothing on my brows or lashes, and only clear lip balm.  And (plot twist) someone actually said they realized how pretty I was that week!

I learned so much from this experiment and wearing no makeup boosted my confidence so much.  You’ll be seeing more posts on No Makeup because I think it’s amazing how it’s affected me.

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