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October 2016 Goals

I’m a few days late on this but hey, better late than never!  October is the transition to Autumn, which is my favorite time.  The leaves are just beginning to turn to oranges and reds, the air feels crisper, the overcast days feel cozy and the pouring rain is my favorite sound.

October 2016 Goals

Of course, my goals this month are focusing on my journey to minimalism, being healthier, and overall being a better me.

  1. Clean out my wardrobe hardcore.  I’m just getting out my A/W clothes, and I know before I even sort them all out that about half need to go.  I need to have a serious butchering of my jeans collection.  I love having less clothes and a new season is a great place to start.
  2. Get back into healthy eating habits.  This is one I’ve gotten out of, but I want to start eating a salad with dinner every night, fruit for dessert, and fruit with my lunch.
  3. Wear less makeup.  As the weather gets chillier, my skin gets drier and drier.  Along with some mega hydrating skincare upgrades, less makeup makes sure that the dryness isn’t highlighted and allows for less drying cleansings.
  4. Exercise.  Until this month I don’t think I knew how truly out of shape I was. I get so out of breath walking up stairs that I really need to start working out more.
  5. Stop procrastinating, this is such a struggle for me that I keep working on.  I really need to stop mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and Snapchat.  And, less procrastinating leads to getting more work done, leaving SO MUCH TIME FOR VAMPIRE DIARIES.

Happy October!