A 2017 Pep Talk

This is it, the ultimate new beginning.  We’ve all taken a break, if even for a day or two, from work or school to Celebrate the end of 2016 (Celebrate, with a capital C).  This is the time of the year that you can resolve to change something about yourself or your life that you have complete control over.  You can do anything you want this year, make this year about you.  Pick a theme and stick to it, integrate it into every aspect of your life.  So much can happen in a year and even if you feel as though you’ll never reach your goals just strive for progress.

There are a million and one things we have complete control over in our lives, like how we think about ourselves, what we do in our free time, what we say to others, our attitudes, the list is nearly endless.  Now is the time to sit down with a notebook and a pen, and write a letter to yourself.  Tell yourself how proud you are of how far you have come and how excited you are for the future.

Then, write about the things you want to make happen this year.  Give yourself a step by step plan to make it happen.  Then find a theme for the year, whether it be something general like “I can and I will” or “Live adventurously” or something specific like “I love who I am becoming” if your goal is self-improvement.

This year can be full of whatever you want it to be, it can be full of love, friends, and yummy food, or it can be full or productivity and hard work, or a mix of both.

Then make sure to write to yourself and remind yourself that bumps along the way will happen no matter what you do.  Give yourself a message that forks in the road will arise and things may not always go your way.  But tell yourself that you are strong enough to handle anything life throws in your face this year because you have the determination and the confidence to handle it.

Make your motivation come from inside.  Give yourself something to work for, to be proud of, to look forward to.  Give yourself one more Hallmark card-worthy saying and sign off from your 2016 self who is looking forward to everything the future has in store.

Keep this letter handy and re-read this motivation when you need it.  Reread your goals often, and work for them.  Above all, make yourself proud this year.  Make this year different from all the past years.

You know you can do this if you set your mind to it.  I can’t wait for 2017 and everything I will do.

xo, my 2016 self.