All About My Wax Warmer

It’s no secret I love my wax warmer.  It comes up in any post that I talk about scents or my bedroom but I love it so much.  I always kind of wanted one but wasn’t sure if I should buy this one from Bath and Body Works. I was afraid the wax would be expensive and wasn’t the biggest fan of the look.  I’d been wanting one and was spending way too much on candles because I burned through them so fast.  At first I picked up some wax from Bath and Body Works to go with it but ended up using all the wax that was left in candles once the wick was gone.

Mixing my own scents is perfect because I can be a bit picky.  Warm scents are great but not too warm and I like lavender but just lavender is overwhelming to me.  Generally I’ll mix a lavender with a musky scent and a vanilla scent.  For Christmas, I’ve got a Balsam Fir scent that I’ll be playing with mixing.  Any time I get sick of the scent I just throw in more wax and the scent is totally different.

Wax is super inexpensive at Walmart and the selection of scents is massive.  I don’t mind that it’s cheap wax because it’s just melting in a little dish for hours anyway.  If you are like me and can’t bear to see the wax at the bottom of your candles go in the trash, use a knife to cut it out of the jar and throw it in your wax warmer.  Just start a jar full of the scraps of wax. As you finish candles in your home you can make your own scents (or keep it pure) in your warmer in another room.  It extends the life of your most cherished candle scents.  I’ve only used 2 actual cubes of wax that I bought specifically for my warmer, the rest is from the bottom of candles.  Any wax, any color, and any scents blend together seamlessly.

This one also doubles as a dim lamp so there’s no flame involved which makes me feel a lot better.  I’m the type to forget to blow out a candle so having a switch makes me feel safer.  One time I left this turned on for about 5 hours but everything was fine when I got home. Nothing was too overheated and nothing started on fire.  I also like this wax warmer because it blends into white walls and looks invisible during the day. It may not be the prettiest one out there but it was affordable and it does exactly what I want it to.  At night it gives off a nice golden glow that’s very calming.

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