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Christmas Wishlist 2017

The main themes behind my Christmas wishlist this year are warm things and things I wouldn’t buy for myself but aren’t even that expensive.  I live in a cold area of the United States and will most likely be going to college for the next four years in a cold area of the United States so I better stock up on cold weather clothes to get my through.

Originally I had a cute hat and scarf set on here but I got that as an early Christmas gift already so it’s been removed but it definitely fits with the theme.  Other cold weather essentials include: turtleneck Gap long sleeve base layer, Patagonia base layer, and fleece PJ leggings.  Not that it’s incredibly warm or anything but I’ve always wanted a warm PJ bodysuit like this one from aerie, it looks so soft and comfortable to wear around the house!

Topshop Jamie jeans are by far my favorite so I would love to get some black ones, especially a raw hem or a step hem. I find I reach for raw hem much more than regular.  I have some mid-wash raw hem Jamies and I absolutely love them and wear them all the time.  I definitely want to start replacing pretty much all my jeans one by one with Jamies because they fit like an absolute glove.

I have a thing for stars, they’re so fascinating to me and I forget all my stresses and worries when I’m outside at night especially in the summer under the stars.  They’re so important to me that I even got a tattoo of some stars on my back to keep them close by.  These little earrings from And Other Stories are so adorable and I just love the little stars.  They aren’t even expensive I would just never order them for myself.  I did buy a beautiful bralette from And Other Stories when I went to NYC this summer and it may be the most expensive piece of underwear I own but it is so worth it and I’m sure these would be worth the order.

It Cosmetics brushes are seriously amazing and I can’t rave about their foundation brushes enough.  This littler one for concealer would be amazing to add to my collection because their larger brushes blend foundation so seamlessly.  Another thing I wouldn’t buy for myself but am always lusting after.

And finally, my lips are always so dry and I am almost out of my beloved Glossier Balm Dotcom original for at night and I have heard such amazing things about the Bite Beauty Agave Mask so I have always wanted to try it.  It’s more expensive than Glossier but I love trying new things, especially new takes on beauty basics.